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Prevent PC from falling asleep when a certain program is running?

There is no need for compilation of vbs scripts, this can be done by a Powershell script, which I just published on GitHub (and below). This script allows you to pass lists of processes, that you want ...
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Windows 11 system keeps sleeping

Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Power Options>Edit Plan Settings>Change advanced power settings>Sleep>Hibernate after>Plugged in: manually enter a very large number in the ...
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Linux guest in VirtualBox restarts session after Win11 host wakes from sleep

It appears to be a bug in how VirtualBox detects the sleep state (it misses hooks to properly detect "Modern Standby" sleep mode pushed by Microsoft). ...
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MSI Laptop wakes up immediately after entering sleep mode

On my laptop it usually happens because of some devices. I create a pre-post sleep script to fix it. /usr/lib/systemd/system-sleep/fixwake (it may be in /lib/systemd/system-sleep/fixwake in your ...
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Windows 11 laptop unexpected shutdown during sleep

I think the problem is with the Intel AX210 Wi-Fi card. I'm on the same Wifi hardware and the "unexpected shutdown" happened when I entered my room from the school lab, or normally when the ...
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Windows 11 Lenovo Laptop not sleeping when I close the lid

Thank you @John. Thank worked! :D Given your post, I suggest resetting your current Power Plan to default settings, restart and test. I think that should work
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Permanently disable wake-on-mouse in Windows 10

OK, I signed up for an account because this was driving me crazy, too. This didn't solve my problem, but it at least answered the question, and may help solve it for someone else. I came across this ...
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