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Can a Headset (microphone+audio) work with a USB soundcard?

I had the same question- my sound card is messed up so I want to use the USB sound card as well- and my headset(s)- I have a couple- all have the single jack but the USB sound card has separate audio ...
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Enhancements Tab on Windows 11

You can use this utility to enable the "Enhancements" tab on the selected audio device: They will show up after applying and rebooting for ...
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How to convert PCIe3 to PCIe2 using a PCI adapter

PCI is backwards compatible, no adapter needed. So long as there are enough channels (literally, the card isn't longer than the slot, and even that is negotiable sometimes) you can plug an older gen (...
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Windows 11 X64-PRO Sound organization

You need to enable input monitoring on Reaper. Right-clicking the Record-button gives you the options: As you can see, there are multiple monitoring modes. You'll find detailed instructions and info ...
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