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Is there any way to change Bitbucket code highlighting

A Chrome extension called "Refined Bitbucket" provides the syntax highlighting you ask for: Install it from the Chrome web store and it will automatically make changes to BitBucket's Pull ...
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Get Source for Arch Linux Package?

Install the Arch Build Source Management Tool (i.e. the asp command, formerly abs). sudo pacman -S asp Download the PKGBUILD asp export <package_name> Download the PKGBUILD source files ...
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Emacs: displaying list of subroutines/functions/classes in a source file

Use Imenu: M-X imenu tab, All.Methods tab to see all methods
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Where can I find the source code for TempleOS?

TempleOS is not known to be officially hosted in any repository. However, every binary file is just source that's JIT-compiled when you run it. To edit code you can use Ed("~/file.HC.Z"), and to see ...
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How to find source code of specific version of linux tools, i.e. ifconfig

On many distros ifconfig is deprecated and replaced by the ip command. On my Centos7.4 ifconfig --version says net-tools 2.10-alpha while on my Ubuntu 16.04 it says net-tools 1.60 / ifconfig 1.42 (...
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How to auto format code from the command line?

vim -c "execute 'normal! =G' | :wq! out.js" input.js You can also use the alternative syntax + instead of -c. It's the same. vim +"execute 'normal! =G' | :wq! out.js" input.js It executes the ...
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How can I view a [web]page's source right in terminal?

Many CLI/TUI browsers have source-viewing capability built in. In Lynx or Links, the keybinding for viewing source is \. In w3m it is v. For other browsers see the relevant documentation.
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Notepad++ code outline as Eclipse's outline

In Notepad++ v7.5, Choose View-> Function List
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How can I embed programming source code in Powerpoint slide and keep code highlighting?

Here's another approach: Find an online source code syntax highlighting service. https://emn178.github.io/online-tools/syntax_highlight.html https://pinetools.com/syntax-highlighter Paste the code ...
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How can I embed programming source code in Powerpoint slide and keep code highlighting?

Copy the code and first paste that code into Microsoft word Then do the formatting if necessary and then copy from word and paste back to powerpoint by right clicking and choosing use destination ...
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Fitting More Code On Printed Page In Notepad++

First, answering your question about decreasing the font size in Notepad++ Go to Plugins -> NppExecute -> Execute (if you don't see this option, see below how to install it). Type the following: ...
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Fitting More Code On Printed Page In Notepad++

The following works for me. Go to Settings > Style Configurator. Set the font size to something slightly smaller than the current setting. In my case it was 11 pt, so I set it to 10. Make sure you ...
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How do I indent a code block in Quip?

TLDR: Paste a text from a code block into your list. You need to create a list code block (not an official name, but what I'm going to use to reference it) or a code block that is embedded in a list. ...
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How can I find out who offered the last interest rate at auction?

There's no name obfuscation logic in the code snippet you've posted. It's not surprising, as any half-decent programmer or architect should know that users will try this. The data would be sent from ...
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Super user binary source for Debian distro

You can get any sources with two commands : $ dpkg -S /bin/su util-linux: /bin/su $ apt source util-linux The first commands indicates which package su belongs to, the second get the sources and ...
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Command-clicking a link in Google Chrome loads page without rendering it (regular click works)

Trebor's answer on webmasters.stackexchange.com helped me come up with a test that clarified the issue. The following code can be visited at files.svija.love/chrome/test.html: <html><head>&...
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How do I dig into an applications source code?

If you want to reverse-engineer a binary/executable file, then you do have the option of using Ghidra. There are some tutorials from independent developers on YouTube to also help you get started (I ...
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How do I dig into an applications source code?

There is no source code inside an app. They are compiled from source code into an actual executable file - if you look inside TheApplication.app/Contents/MacOS/TheApplication - that it the compiled ...
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How do I dig into an applications source code?

Programs may be interpreted (the source code is parsed and converted to system-level instructions "on the fly" each time the instruction is needed) or compiled (the source code is parsed and converted ...
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How to find dependencies of a source package that is not in a Linux distro repos?

In addition to binarym's answer, which is good, it is helpful to look up packages on LFS (Linux from scratch). If you have everything that has been compiled up to a given package, then your ...
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How to find dependencies of a source package that is not in a Linux distro repos?

Usually, source package have a mechanism shipped with it to check those dependencies: setup.py for python modules. configure.ac / configure or CMakeList.txt for C/C++ sources etc... Simply launch ...
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How can one download a video from a news site?

Doing this from firefox's dev tools so your mileage may vary depending on your browser. Try having a look at the network tab and filter the request type to media. When playing the video you should see ...
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GNU Icecat source code. Where to find a specific line?

Taking a look at the source code (for Icecat 9.0.1), the URL you give does not appear to be present anywhere in the code explicitly. In fact, the string "icecat/addons/" does not appear anywhere in ...
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How to auto format code from the command line?

With eslint, you can eslint --fix someRandomFile.js Also works with JSON files. For HTML, consider https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2191989/a-command-line-html-pretty-printer-making-messy-html-...
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How to uninstall a program that was not installed using the package manager on Linux Mint?

I know this is an old question, but the solution is something I was looking for at one point in the past for ImageMagick I installed from source on Ubuntu, so I will share what I learned, from my ...
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