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How to fix Excel and prevent it from converting copy-pasted or imported strings to dates even when cells are formatted as text

I've been utilizing EXCEL 2007 since its inception and struggle a long time to find a solution to this problem. I found a simple work-around that infallibly works every time with my setup (EXCEL 2007 ...
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convert excel spreadsheet with format to markdown

My converter of choice is the Markdown Tables Generator and, like your own experience, Excel and Sheets data is pasted in plain text. I don't have a tool to interpret the formatting and convert it to ...
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Spreadsheet: View the entire (long) text of selected cell

How can I read the contents of a truncated cell In LibreOffice Calc do the following: check Format▸Cell▸Alignment tab▸Properties: Wrap text automatically use Expand / Collapse Formula Bar to read &...
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Sequential numbering of codes

Ron pointed out what should have been the more obvious answer in a comment. With column A setup as it is in the screenshot below, you can use this formula in B2: =A2&TEXT(COUNTIF(A$2:A2,A2),"...
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