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The Windows trusted the self-signed certificate but Google Chrome returned the NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID error

Okay, I've identified the problem and found a solution. The command line and configuration file I used generated the certificates in question without any problem. The error was determined to be due to ...
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Accept self-signed certificate system-wide without installing as root CA

Well, a certificate actually can have "key usage" property which restricts what can it be used for. So I guess you just need make sure that the self-signed certificate doesn't have "...
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How do I make apache to use the domain ssl certificate?

If your hosting provider includes an SSL certificate as part of your hosting package, you typically won't need to download and install the certificate files manually. Hosting providers often manage ...
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SSL in private network

This question is very open to interpretation. In the simplest case, if it should act like any typical HTTPS service on the web there are a few options. Possibly the "best" option would be ...
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SSL in private network

It depends on customer's requirements. If customer only wants protection from passive monitoring, then a generic bogus certificate without any verification is enough. If customer wants protection ...
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