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Stack driver Google Cloud – Responded with SSL Handshake Error

I know its a bit late, but I just want to give other ones a hint... I also have the problem and I am still not able to resolve it, BUT! I found a way to get the exact error message! You need to go ...
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How to add trusted ca in manjaro?

In Manjaro to import a local crt you must first store the cert with the trust command that allow manage the policy store items. sudo trust anchor /path/to/the/root.crt sudo update-ca-trust now in the ...
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Subversion Edge installing certificate on Windows deployment

I had the same problem and yes the documentation for this is crap. The CollabNet Subversion Server service that runs the underlying Apache instance stores the certificates here: [CSVN_HOME]/data/conf/ ...
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IIS on 2016 certificate generated by microsoft cetrification autortoity on AD not recognized

This is more than likely caused by the fact that you have only the CommonName (CN) field containing the FQDN of the IIS server. Modern browsers do not check the CN; instead they look for a DNS entry ...
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Passive mode for vsftpd without SSL inside a VM

I can connect to my vsftp server and cd <some_dir> OK. But ls and get foo.txt failed with ftp: connect: Connection refused This is on a local LAN with no firewalls, no iptables. The solution ...
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