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How to extend windows partitions, and how to solve C: partition extension issue

Go to this site easeus partition manager > partition master > partition master free install the program and then open it Move the D: drive ahead so that its free space becomes unallocated and ...
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LXC configuration : Alloting a disk space

Below is an example how one can resize an existing LXC container image from 30GB to 40GB and also resize the storage pool from 30GB to 40GB. # ls -latrh /var/lib/lxd/disks/default.img -rw------- 1 ...
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Synology NAS: deleted files but space won't go down

The names of system catalogs in Synology generally start with the “at” symbol (@). According to the post Download station does not delete temp files this folder contains torrent seeded files and ...
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Swapping the contents of 2 drives with Windows Explorer without needing to copy-and-delete?

Is there a way to just move the files between drives without needing to copy the files, then deleting the original? This does not make sense. "Deleting the orginal" suggests that you made a ...
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