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"directory junction" vs "directory symbolic link"?

Symbolic links have more functionality, while junctions almost seem to be a legacy feature because of their limitations, but the security implications of these limitations are specifically why a ...
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In a symlink pointing to '', what is the plus character for?

Symbolic links which don't point to a file have no generic meaning at all. In this case it might be the process ID, or a port with some special protocol spoken over it, or another identifier. It all ...
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88 votes

How can I create a symbolic link on Windows 10?

Open a PowerShell session as elevated administrator and type: New-Item -ItemType SymbolicLink -Path E:\Data\MyGames -Target "C:\users\UserName\MyGames" or using less verbose syntax: ni E:\Data\...
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82 votes

How to view all the Symbolic links, junction points, hard links in a Folder using dir?

You don't necessarily need to download additional programs to list junctions, symlinks and hard links, but if you have specific output format requirements, they may help. List all junctions, symlinks ...
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Clients can't create symlinks on Samba share

Thanks to @grawity for hinting that my problem might be related to the protocol version. I found a solution that enable symlinks with SMB3 by adding the mfsymlinks option to the mount command like so: ...
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rsync and symbolic links

@grawity has a great answer, but here's a screenshot of some relevant info from the documentation. Here's the exact wording of the -l (lowercase letter L, not a one) and -L options, for instance, ...
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36 votes

7Zip Cannot create symbolic link, access is denied to and

How do I fix this? I am getting the error: "Cannot create symbolic link : Access is denied" You need to run 7-Zip File Manager in administrator mode. Right-click the icon of 7-Zip File Manager, ...
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How to view all the Symbolic links, junction points, hard links in a Folder using dir?

As of Powershell 5+ the following one-liner recursively lists all file hardlinks, directory junctions and symbolic links and their targets starting from d:\Temp\: dir 'd:\Temp' -recurse -force | ?{$_....
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25 votes

How can I create a symbolic link on Windows 10?

If you want a GUI Tool for making/editing that symlinks use Link Shell Extension (LSE) provides for the creation of Hardlinks , ...
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7Zip Cannot create symbolic link, access is denied to and

The accepted answer is not really correct, although possibly may work in some scenarios, is not the reason "why", and privilege doesn't really apply here. The problem is going to arise in most ...
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In a symlink pointing to '', what is the plus character for?

As far as I know the "+" means that the number after the IP (the "xxxxx") refers to a "process ID" (not a port which usually uses the notation [IP-address]:[portnumber]). It is possible that this "...
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21 votes

How to create symbolic links in /usr/bin on a Mac?

You get this message because of Apple's System Integrity Protection. System Integrity Protection includes protection for these parts of the system: /System /usr /bin /sbin Apps that are pre-installed ...
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21 votes

Linux symbolic links: how to go to the pointed to directory?

In bash the cd builtin uses -P and -L switches; pwd understands them in the same way: user@host:~$ ln -s /bin foobar user@host:~$ cd -L foobar # follow link user@host:~/foobar$ pwd -L # ...
18 votes

How do file permissions apply to symlinks?

baraboom's and peth's answers are both correct: Permission bits on the symbolic links themselves are irrelevant (except on macOS; see below), and changing permission on a symbolic link – by the chmod ...
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18 votes

How does Robocopy handle file system links (symbolic links, hard links and junctions)?

The Robocopy docs lists options that control Robocopy's behavior regarding file system links: /sl Don't follow symbolic links and instead create a copy of the link. /xj Excludes junction points, ...
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17 votes

Removing certificate and re-running update-ca-certificates leaves lingering symlinks

According to the man pages for update-ca-certificates, add the -f switch to remove symlinks in /etc/ssl/certs -f, --fresh Fresh updates. Remove symlinks in /etc/ssl/certs directory. This ...
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How can I make git commit files in a symlinked folder

If you are using linux, I particularly like the solution provided by GitBLSR. It is a library that is loaded via LD_PRELOAD that transparently dereferences symlinks to files and folders outside a ...
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View a list of symbolic links on system?

There's also a handy program for that called NTFSLinksView. Edit: there's also SageLinks, this one checks the validity too.
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12 votes

View a list of symbolic links on system?

$_.Linktype misses Symlinks. $_.Attributes misses Hardlinks. Junctions are listed in both properties. -Force is needed else hidden symlinks are skipped. Full working example which gets symlinks, ...
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11 votes

Symbolic links and 7zip

As of 2019, 7-Zip has resolved this issue in Windows. The latest version has a checkbox to include symlinks in TAR and WIM archives and it works great!
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11 votes

Creating symlink for a file on Windows 7 gives error

By using mklink /D you're telling it to create a directory symbolic link and D:\test\11.txt is not a directory. So if you try to access the directory C:\11.txt it will give you an error. Just leave ...
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does PATH search include symlinks?

The permissions of the symlink itself are irrelevant. You couldn't even change them if you tried. What matters are permissions of the underlying file. It is fine to have directories in your PATH ...
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How do I change target of symlink in windows

Powershell New-Item -Type SymbolicLink -Path "C:\linkpath" -Target "C:\newtarget" -Force Mind the -Force Luke P.S. elevated mode required
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How to configure bash to always resolve full path for symlinks

There is a shell-wide option for this: -P If set, do not resolve symbolic links when performing commands such as cd which change the current directory. The physical directory is used ...
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Does Windows have the ln -s or equivalent?

Powershell As long as Microsoft advices to use powershell as a command interpreter since more than 5 years ago and cmd.exe is becoming a legacy application this question lacks an answer in Powershell:...
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Symlink to a URL

You want an automatic URL link, stored in a file in your file system, to open. The way to do this is with a minimalist .HTML file. For example, to take you to the Google home page, place the following ...
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How to place symlinks to all executables installed through Chocolatey in a particular directory?

tl;dr: What you are attempting to do is not possible in the way you want to do it. Fortunately, ShimGenerator can do this exact thing (that's what it was designed for and it comes with Chocolatey): &...
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Symbolic link does not work in Git over Windows

I have similar issue with repository with submodules on the Windows host system (then project deployed on the docker containers, one of the container fail to start). To check if you haven't enabled ...
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Is it possible to make Windows 10 show symbolic links with a different icon in Explorer?

Natively, no, there does not appear to be a way to do it. But you can with an Explorer shell extension, such as Link Shell Extension.
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Replace Symbolic Links with Files

find ./ -type l -exec sh -c 'for i in "$@"; do cp --preserve --remove-destination "$(readlink -f "$i")" "$i"; done' sh {} + based on
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