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How to exclude node_modules directory from OneDrive synchronization?

In 2024, if you're still encountering issues and previous solutions haven't worked, here's an alternative method: Move your source files to a local folder that syncs with the cloud, such as C:\...
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How can I re-sync the subtitle and the video using VLC media player?

Because I use the online program... SubSync - Subtitle Speech Synchronizer often, I rarely need to think about advancing / retarding subtitle display while actually watching a movie through ...
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How can I disable the automatic switch to "library" mode in Windows Media Player 12?

This should work for WMP 12 on all Windows versions: Close WMP and open Services Find Portable Device Enumerator Service. In the registry, you'll find this at HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\...
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Issues with unlinking OneDrive account from folders - alphanumeric keys in registry

OneDrive takes large liberties with your folders when Backup is specified (which is the default) for your folders of Documents, Images and Downloads. It will move these folders into its own folder and ...
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FileZilla - How to synchronize two-way (newest file wins)?

Another solution would be FreeFileSync, which is Open-Source and (besides Windows) also runs on GNU/Linux and macOS.
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How to sync an Outlook email folder to a Onedrive folder

The entire account has to be permitted to the recipient first, with no read access. Then permit the inbox, no read access. Then permit the subfolder, WITH read access.
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Google Drive quit command executable

Resolved: Schedule 2nd task to shutdown Win10 after 1st task;G Drive sync & 3rd task for next morning startup.
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How do I keep Chrome bookmarks in sync across accounts?

floccus bookmarks sync works well for bidirectional synchronization, and is available for multiple browsers. Currently it allows you to sync via Google Drive, WebDAV, or NextCloud.
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How to prevent a folder from being synced on OneDrive?

I found 2 other ways with Windows 11 Put the folders/files you don't want synched to the cloud at the root of C: which apparently OneDrive does not synch by default; Right-click OneDrive icon in ...
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