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How to list (and re-try) failed mounts with systemd

To answer the bonus question (can this be done automatically): From Systemd does not support this at the moment It can be worked around with a ...
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Automatically mount a per-user drive on login with systemd

ideally in a way where they can freely choose a different mountpoint in their home directory without needing superuser access to modify it, The easiest way to accomplish this is by not mounting ...
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How do I avoid to launch systemd user units on non-graphical user sessions?

Old question but I recently had a similar problem. I've found that you can differentiate your sessions by the XDG_SESSION_TYPE environment variable. It can contain values such as x11, wayland, or tty. ...
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What happens to core dump when pid is reused

Note how the command to extract only accepts pid. That's not correct. It also accepts executable paths and raw journalctl filters, as documented in its manual page. Each core dump is recorded as a ...
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