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Group Windows by Application in Windows Alt-Tab

United Sets An open-sourced program that groups windows into tabs, inspired by the unreleased Sets feature
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PDF Viewer with tabs

Not quite tabs and it's Mac only...but in Skim you can cmd-drag to create a pop up window of part of a page. This allows you to view (and scroll through) multiple sections of one pdf.
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Gnu screen: kill a frozen tab

When you have an unresponsive tab, oftentimes you cannot navigate into the tab itself; to kill a stalled tab/window from another tab: C-a: at "<tabNum>#" kill, i.e. to kill tab 7, C-a: ...
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Firefox, how to have very small tab size and no tab-scroll buttons

Had this same problem. The available solutions cause flickering where the tablist keeps trying to switch between scrolling and non-scrolling. Here's how I solved it: In about:config set browser.tabs....

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