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Tar extract doesn't work on Zip repos with submodules

The zip archive format is completely different from the tar archive format, and the tar tool does not handle zip archives. There are programs other than zip and unzip that can handle zip archives. 7-...
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Using stdin for tar files content

Is it possible to use tar to create a archive completely in memory? tar No, tar is designed to store file metadata like ownership and access-permissions as well as names. It needs access to a ...
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Unpack tar made with tape-length option gives Illegal byte sequence

SOLVED IT !!! I was using the wrong command to untar the multi volume tar. This is the solution, point to the first tar file of the range: gtar -xMf video-000.tar Then wait for the unpack and it will ...
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changing the directory a tarball decompresses to

I was able to get into that directory by doing this: $(php -r "echo 'cd ' . glob('install-tl-*')[0];")
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