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Decompress a tar.xz file using all cores

As of xz 5.4.1 (December 2022), there is support for parallel decompression with -T0. However, the tar file format necessitates a sequential read, so some buffering up to thread_count * block_size ...
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How do I tar ball a directory hierarchy with soft links in Linux?

Just another way, using /etc as an example: find /etc | cpio -puvdm . ; tar czf ttt.tgz etc rm -rf etc tar xvzf ttt.tgz ls -l etc/rc*
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How to list only tar files

The other answer does a great job of telling you why your specific solution isn't working so I won't harp on that. You should use a robust command like find sudo find /var/opt/gitlab/backups -type f -...
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How to list only tar files

Wildcard expansions are done by the shell, not by 'ls'. In other words, they don't wait for 'sudo' to take effect. When your shell doesn't have permissions to see the files inside a protected ...
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