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How can I show weeknumber in the taskbar in Windows 10?

The accepted answer is helpful, but constantly clicking on the taskbar to view the week number is not ideal. If you prefer to have the week number displayed alongside the time and date, navigate to &...
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Lock pinned taskbar items so they can't be rearranged

The method above still works in 2024. However, reordering windows using the right click option in the main menu is laggy and makes my explorer.exe restart (maybe a conflict with ExplorerPatcher?)
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How to fix unknown icons on Taskbar on Windows 11

So, I have the same issue happening on Windows 11 and read about 10 or so different forums before stumbling on the following suggestion posted by someone on reddit : Open your command prompt and run ...
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Pin the calendar of Outlook Windows App (new) to taskbar

As i know, it's not available in New Outlook for Windows. You can vote for the feedback on the website dedicated to collecting feedback.
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Taskbar won't hide when there are notifications

I noticed this issue has remained unresolved for over a year. I encountered the same problem on Windows 11 and found a solution. Go to Windows Settings > Personalization > Taskbar Behaviors and ...
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How to fix task bar auto showing on windows 11 - due to application 'needing attention'

When the task bar pops up clicking twice on the windows icon for the start menu makes it disappear again.
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How can I change the Windows 11 taskbar weather to Celsius _without_signing in to widgets

Go to settings, Time and language and select Language & region If you don't already have the English Australian (or another suitable Celsius language pack installed get it). Once installed click ...
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