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copying tabs from terminal is broken at the text-wrapping edge (the width changes outcome)

This is also the behavior of xterm, which is widely considered as the de facto standard for terminal emulation; and I'm pretty certain that it's also backed by corresponding standards that these ...
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Bash script header for virtual machine

Whether it works or not depends entirely on the initial interpreter. It's hacky, yes, but anything else would necessarily be a very OS-specific solution. If Bash doesn't mind the script ending with ...
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How to execute three terminal scripts in three new tabs from Applescript?

You can just send the key command to open a new tab, then direct your script to this new tab. You don't need to activate each time, once it's at the front. Here I've substituted echo hello so it's ...
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in linux console, how to NOT wrap output

I am surprised that even after 10 years, no-one has yet mentioned that cut (from gnu coreutils) does exactly what you want. Just pipe your output to cut: Using a 55-column wide terminal window (just ...
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How to cd into smb://[email protected] from terminal?

Since it looks like the remote share is already mounted, there's no need to mount it again (sure you can, but do you want to?). Instead you need to find where has it been mounted. Since you're using ...
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