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When I press the space bar it deletes the letters after it

I guess you are in replace mode, just press the "Insert" key on your keyboard. From comments (Thanks @FabioTurati) The cursor is different: in Insert mode it's a vertical bar placed between two ...
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Copy and paste text in midnight commander (MC) via putty in Linux

To copy: (hold) Shift + Select with mouse (copies to clipboard) To paste in windows: Ctrl+V To paste in another file in PuTTY/MC: Shift + Ins Other hotkeys here. Midnight Commander tutorial here....
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How to automatically reload modified files in Notepad++

For monitoring an individual log file, use the View > Monitoring (tail -f) option (thanks to https://superuser.com/a/1246651/17025). This will keep the file up to date, and also keep the end of the ...
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How do I edit text files in the Windows command prompt?

If you have git installed for windows then most likely nano and vim are both available at C:\Program Files\Git\usr\bin\nano.exe C:\Program Files\Git\usr\bin\vim.exe To run from a command prompt (cmd....
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Multiple cursor selection on a pattern in Visual Studio Code

Windows & Linux Per an answer to this StackOverflow Question: Do a normal Find ( Ctrl + F ) using regular expressions. Press Alt + Enter to select all the Find matches. This will insert multiple ...
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Repeat last normal mode command, including moves, in Vim

it's doable even in vanilla vim, but applicability depends on your use case, ie. how often you'll need to repeat it, since it requires few more keystrokes to make it repeatable. Option 1: turn it ...
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When I press the space bar it deletes the letters after it

This is caused by the Insert key on your keyboard, it replaces the letters to the right as you explained. Simply press the Insert key and it will deactivate the replace mode. Pressing it the second ...
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Are there shortcuts for text editors/processors to delete the rest of a line?

"Delete to end of line" Windows, try this: Hold SHIFT and hit End (selects the text) then Delete. Linux, some editors mimick (i.e. 'works' the same as) windows editors, "native editors&...
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Are there shortcuts for text editors/processors to delete the rest of a line?

In Vim, D in normal mode will delete to the end of the current line.
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Notepad++ split line after given number of characters

Press CTRL+H to bring up Search and replace. In the find what box enter: ^.{4} (Where 4 may be modified to any number representing the number of characters you want per line.) In the replace field ...
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How do I do multi-line editing in Atom editor?

For mac users, I found 3 ways: You have a plugin to add support for alt + rectangular mouse selection, called sublime-style-column-selection. With ⌘ + mouse click in multiple places to create ...
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How can I edit a file if there is no vi, vim, joe, etc?

Use a terminal that lets you copy and paste with the mouse, and assemble your files that way? e.g. cat > myfile (use terminal to copy/paste) ^D If it is a binary file, use this to turn it into ...
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Vim delete motions include under the cursor

Just to clarify, if you are already in insert mode, CTRL-W is fast and usually what you want. In normal mode, this may be what you're after: Prepare to have your mind blown: dvb Vim makes a ...
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How can I use custom colours in the Microsoft VBA editor?

I created an application based on the information found here: https://github.com/dimitropoulos/VBECustomColors It basically backs up the VBE6/VBE7 .dll file and allows the use of custom colors ...
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A free way to convert camel case to snake case and snake case to camel case

Since I did not find any converters online, I made my own. Please try it on JSFIDDLE. https://jsfiddle.net/Eugene82/e1dguw5f/2/
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Are there shortcuts for text editors/processors to delete the rest of a line?

Delete to end of line In Notepad++ it is the following shortcut: CtrlShiftDelete Delete to end of line Source: Notepad++ Keyboard Shortcuts - Virendra's Techtalk
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Delete the word in which the text cursor is

Ctrl+Backspace deletes the current word up until the text cursor. Ctrl+Del deletes the end of the current word from the text cursor onward, as well as all spaces and tabs directly after the word. ...
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In Notepad++, how do I split long lines in several rows?

Reduce the window size of Notepad++ to your prefered size (move the right window margin). Then select all + Ctrl + I (Edit > Line Operations > Split Lines). Done.
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How can I make vim show the current class and method I'm editing

This will work if you install both the airline and tagbar plugins. These two plugins integrate automatically and you'll get the current function displayed in the status bar. If you want to have the ...
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Copy and paste text in midnight commander (MC) via putty in Linux

Hold down the Shift key, and drag the mouse through the text you want to copy. The text's background will become dark orange. Release the Shift key and press Shift+Ctrl+c (or Ctrl+Insert). The text ...
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How to know cursor position index in an editor

Press Ctrl+G and click the Offset radio button. Your cursor position will be shown in the You are here: line Example:
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Change vscode close tab behavior to next show left neighbor instead of previously selected tab

https://github.com/Microsoft/vscode/issues/43459 In settings.json: "workbench.editor.focusRecentEditorAfterClose": false, It opens the tab to the right.
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Splitting a single file into multiple windows on Vim

As has already been pointed out, you can use splits displaying the same buffer to get you most of the way there. :vsplit or :split As for displaying only a specific section of the file, one way of ...
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What does it mean to "tab out" in an IDE/text editor?

Tabbing out in an IDE/text editor (like VSCodium, Eclipse, Sublime Text, Visual Studio, ...) means pressing the Tab button to jump with the cursor to the end of the bracket or other "begin+end ...
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Open and scroll through 42 GB text file in Mac OS X

Well, hexfiend is what I use, and love to use... If it is a text file, you just go to Views and uncheck Hexadecimal option, it will show only text. So, for example I scrolled to line: 37802466 ...
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How can I edit a file if there is no vi, vim, joe, etc?

One way would to be to output the result of an echo. echo "foo" > bar.txt This will make a file titled bar.yxy with the containing text, "foo".
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Change default document 'edit' tool in Windows 10

Solved the issue myself. Turned out you have to change the key in [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\SystemFileAssociations\text\shell\edit\command]
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Can WinMerge be used as a plain text diff tool, without needing to compare existing files?

How it worked for me, using WinMerge: File > New > Text results in two panes "Untitled left" and "Untitled right". Then pasted text into the panes and hit F5, which made de ...
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Why did this WhatsApp message freeze my phone?

The "box" in your text snippet contains these Unicode characters that repeat a bunch of times: LEFT-TO-RIGHT MARK (U+200E) RIGHT-TO-LEFT MARK (U+200F) There are ordinary spaces interspersed to give ...
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Open recently closed file in Notepad++ using keyboard shortcut

As a matter of fact, Ctrl+Shift+t reopen last closed file in Notepad++ (version 7.6). But the file must be named (this shortcut do not work on new 1 and similar files).
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