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Bracket Equation Alignment in MS Word

Right click on the equation column Column Alignment -> Left
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Keep caption together with table when table is in different section

Try "Text wrapping -> Around" in Table Properties:
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Why is Excel removing leading zeros when displaying CSV data?

Excel has an easy solution now, to avoid automatic data conversion. File > Data > Automatic data conversion > Remove leading zeros (uncheck)
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How to correct the indentation of Python code with BBedit? Or some other tool?

In order to reformat automatically Python code, use the black formatter. In can be used directly from the command line or from a Python IDE that accepts 'black' as a plugin. An alternative to just ...
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MS Word randomly adds white space before a new line begins

Check your paragraph formats - this looks like you managed to get a “hanging indent” set. If this is what’s happened, you’ll see that for the paragraph, the left indent is set to some amount, and the ...
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In MS Outlook (365 Apps for Enterprise), how to make strikethrough text?

You need to do that through the Format dialog. The ribbon has no such option. Select the text Click "Format Text" in the editing ribbon Click the Strikethrough button icon which is an "...
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Can I paste plain text by default?

CTRL+SHIFT+V will paste plain text every time now. Not sure about 15 years ago, but it works now.
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