Your data was 17 MiB. There are 1024 KiB in an MiB. There are 1024 B in a KiB. There are 8 bits in a byte. So that's 142,606,336 bits. Base 64 encoding encodes every six bits as a separate byte. So we need about 23,767,722 bytes. Dividing by 1024 twice gets us 22.67 MiB. So that's where the 22 MiB comes from. Email is a pretty old technology and doesn't ...


Roaming: This folder (%appdata%) contains data that can move with your user profile from PC to PC—like when you’re on a domain—because this data can be synced with a server. For example, if you sign in to a different PC on a domain, your web browser favorites or bookmarks will be available. Local: This folder (%localappdata%) contains data that can't move ...


It's because those clients (currently) don't support OAuth 2.0. ...beginning in the second half of 2014, we'll start gradually increasing the security checks performed when users log in to Google. These additional checks will ensure that only the intended user has access to their account, whether through a browser, device or application. These changes will ...


Why is the email bigger? Because the data is encoded in base64 which encodes groups of up to three bytes as groups of four printable ASCII characters. Typically, these groups of printable characters are then split into lines. The result is that the encoded data is just over 1⅓ times the size of the original data. Why is base64 used? Email has a long ...


If your default setting is to compose Plain Text emails, hold down the Shift key when you click the Write button or Reply/Reply-All/Forward button. This will open a window to compose an HTML email.


Found a workaround. Turns out if I uncheck the "Show missed reminders" under Preferences>Calendar>Reminders, I don't haver this issue. I don't need to be seeing missed reminders so problem is (essentially) solved.


If you're in mail composition mode, which it sounds like your are, forget the "view source" option people are telling you. You want the HTML, not the raw email message with MIME formatting and everything. Instead, while in composing the message, Edit->Select All, then click the Insert->HTML menu option on your message window. The window that opens ...


You have to get a 'Application-specific' password from Google. You can do this on the Security section of your Accounts page. Click on Settings in the 2-step verification section. Here's the link to the Google help page on application-specific passwords.


I have found that to set the default to "Paragraph" or "Body Text", you need to navigate from the main menu: Tools->Options->"Composition" region -> "General" tab In the HTML section, find the option for "When using paragraph format, the enter key creates a new paragraph" Select that option if you want "Paragraph" as the default. Deselect that option if ...


It "is" built-in on thunderbird now, if you do the right steps: There is the Global Inbox (if there isn't one, you have to activate it at View >> Folders >> Unified from this tip) Go on its properties at "Select the folders to search:" and click on "Choose...", you will see that your top inbox is checked; just check the "sent" one, click "ok", ...


You can use the dedicated Search dialog, not only the Quick Search Toolbar: Menubar -> Edit -> Find -> Search Messages... (CTRL+SHIFT+F) Then, select Local Folders or the appropriate account (see below how to search all folders/accounts), and fill in the Date criterion: To extend this approach to really all folder, use the SavedSearchThemAll add-on ...


Icons in this place show that the message was encrypted and/or digitally signed using S/MIME. The red cross icon means that there's a problem with the certificate used to sign this message (e.g. it was expired, or otherwise cannot be verified). Click on the envelope to see the details.


You can set it up using Thunderbird if IMAP is enabled in your account settings on Office365 it just requires a few add-ons for everything to work correctly. Download Required Extensions: Lightning: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/projects/calendar/ Ericsson Exchange 2007/2010/2013 Calendar, Tasks, Contacts and GAL Provider: https://github.com/Ericsson/...


Use the URL you suggest, https://apidata.googleusercontent.com/caldav/v2/yourID/events, but rather than using your.cool.username@gmail.com as the substitute for yourID, put in the calendar name instead. To find that name, start with a Google Calendar window, then go to Settings->Calendars and click on the name of the Calendar you care about. Now scroll down ...


There should be a menu or button to "go offline" In my current Thunderbird 17.0.2 (on Ubuntu 12.04), the button is at the lower-left corner of the whole application. Clicking the button will start the download and if everything is configured correctly (i.e. has keep all messages regardless of age local) then that is what it will download


To do this without a plugin: Close Thunderbird Backup your profile directory (and most especially prefs.js) Using the built-in config editor (or editing prefs.js directly), find the mail.accountmanager.accounts preference, and change the sequence of the comma-separated account references in it. Find mail.accountmanager.defaultaccount and change it, if ...


You need to use the Config Editor to change mail.tabs.drawInTitlebar from true to false. To do that, click the menu button (marked with a red box in the above picture) and select Options... Click Advanced, then the General tab, then the Config Editor... button. Type title into the Search box, then double-click the mail.tabs.drawInTitlebar line to change ...


The Issue This is a known issue with Microsoft Outlook 2010, but a fix is provided -- you might want to notify the sender that he should apply it. X.509 certificates have several attributes attached, some of them can be used to identify certificates. One such way is to use the serial number together with the certificate issuer (together, they have to form ...


For Thunderbird 17 on the Mac, you can find this setting at: Thunderbird > Preferences > Display > Formatting > Advanced Look at the Character Encodings section, as seen here:


This can be easily done in config editor: navigate to Tools > Options > Advanced > Config Editor > "I'll be careful, I promise!" then search for parameter mailnews.show_send_progress and change the value to false then search for mailnews.sendInBackground and change the value to true restart Thunderbird voila! its gone


Setting mailnews.wraplength to 0 disables wrapping on compose window, but as a side-effect does not wrap sent messages. I addressed this problem by setting: mailnews.wraplength 0 mail.compose.wrap_to_window_width true plain_text.wrap_long_lines true view_source.wrap_long_lines true


Try this extension (it is called No Message Pane Sort by Mouse); according to the description: No Message Pane Sort prevents accidental resorting of the message pane by disabling mouse button clicks on the column headers. It is still possible to sort messages by ctrl-clicking the header. I tried it myself: it disables sort button and thus should be what ...


In TB38, this is again standard functionality but hidden in : View => Layout => Folder Pane Columns.


This is just an extension to the accepted answer, since unfortunately such types of edits are not accepted. The only problem that the answer doesn't address is getting this applied everywhere, not only to the folders that were first opened after the change. Thanks Danation for providing the idea. Close Thunderbird Locate your Thunderbird profile folder (...


To make filtering works for subfolders: create a new string preference "mail.server.default.applyIncomingFilters" to "true". Even if it seems odd, do NOT create a boolean setting, it has to be a STRING setting with the value "true". Source: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=1444045&p=12768821#p12768821 see reply of "geoyo1"


I think i have a solution. You can manually add an account with broken server settings (for the outbound part) if you do it while thunderbird is in offline mode. (File -> Offline -> Work Offline) Add the account that way, then remove the smtp part of the account. edit: If you want more than just this one email account in thunderbird, leave the broken ...


It's possible. The two protocols are completely unrelated. IMAP doesn't care how you send mail, and SMTP doesn't care how you receive mail. In Thunderbird, the SMTP server settings work the same and should even be located in the same place. The real problem is that many domains use SPF to define a small whitelist of which SMTP servers are allowed to send ...


Right click on the mail and click Convert > Event


Finally I figured it out: The Mozilla applications are going to look through list of files for mime-type-app associations in following order: ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list ~/.local/share/applications/mimeinfo.cache /usr/local/share/applications/mimeapps.list /usr/local/share/applications/mimeinfo.cache /usr/share/applications/mimeapps.list /...


in thunder bird Edit-> preference -> Display -> font -> advanced -> out going mail set it from UTF-8 to Western iso 8859-1

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