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tmux doesn't instantly update pane's title

Instant updates based on the command are impossible in the automatic-rename mechanism that's being used here, because tmux itself does not know what is being executed and when. It is not told by the ...
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Shell prompt colored outside of tmux, but not in tmux; how can I get colored prompt in tmux?

I assume the shell is Bash. In Ubuntu the skeletal (default) .bashrc contains this or similar snippet: # set a fancy prompt (non-color, unless we know we "want" color) case "$TERM" ...
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Keep a Mac working on a terminal task

There is a terminal app that you can install via homebrew and then run in a terminal to prevent your Mac from going to sleep. brew install --cask caffeine After installing have a look in the man ...
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TO close Tmux along with terminal (if terminal is closed)

From man 1 tmux: destroy-unattached [off | on | keep-last | keep-group] If on, destroy the session after the last client has detached. If off (the default), leave the session orphaned. […] tmux set-...
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tmux disregarding the configuration file

My issue is laughable: It is a syntax error 🤣🤣. I missed a closing quote at the end of this statement 👇 . I wish they could at least report some errors to new users like me. set -g @plugin '...
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Scroll shell output with mouse in tmux

With mouse mode on and mapping the mouse wheel with Up/Down keys works pretty nice. Note: Reverse bindings if you don't like natural scroll. set -g mouse on bind -n WheelUpPane if -t = "test $(...
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