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vim tmux backspace ^?

If you are using xshell like me,try to change Backspace from [Backspace(Ctrl+H)] to [ASCII 127(Ctrl+?)]. In my case, backspace works again in both bash\zsh\tmux+zsh. This problem has nothing to do ...
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How to redefine tmux modifier chords to RightAlt + hyphen?

It should be possible, but most terminals do not distinguish between LeftAlt and RightAlt – both cause the same type of key sequence to be sent. Holding Alt typically prefixes the key with an ESC (...
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Create custom command in tmux

tmux supports float windows now. You could popup a window by using tmux display-popup. And then in this popup window, run the script you want to use.
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How to detach a tmux session that itself already in a tmux?

I prefer tmux detach, it doesn't require a keyboard since it's a command.

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