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9 votes

Safe substitute for OS X `rm`?

For OSX, you can use safe-rm brew install safe-rm You need to do an extra step to prefer it over default rm - add a symlink. echo $PATH For me, I have /usr/local/bin: first, the same dir as safe-...
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4 votes

Windows 10 My trash takes ages and then does not open

You can view the contents of the Recycle Bin in the command prompt. Start by opening Command (not PowerShell), then enter the following, hitting Return after each line C: This will take you to your ...
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3 votes

How to remove an application from OS X Launchpad when it has no X, does not appear in the applications folder, and refuses to go into the trash?

On Mac OS there are basically two Applications folders. One is off root at /Applications and the other is located in you home directory which should be /Users/yourUser/Applications/. Based on your ...
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3 votes

macOS Catalina cannot remove file from trash

After disabling SIP in recovery mode csrutil disable You will be able to remove file from trash. After remember to activate csrutil in recovery mode.
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3 votes

Can't open Trash: operation not supported

A little help, to mitigate this problem, though not a complete solution: This help will provide access to your deleted files, as long as your trash is not fully functional yet. The Trash folder can be ...'s user avatar
3 votes

How to rebuild missing trash bin (and possible other system) folder(s) in Mozilla Thunderbird

Here are some solutions to solve missing system folders problems, especially the trash bin (that you can't recreate directly from Thunderbird), leading to a total impossibility to delete any message (...
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2 votes

What is the point of the .trashes file in Mac Os X?

That's the location of the trash bin. If you use a USB drive on your Mac and then you plug it into a Windows or Linux PC, you'll see that same file/folder. Every drive will have its own.
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2 votes

gvfsd-trash's way of clearing the trash

I have a hate-hate relationship with gvfsd-trash. I think can work well on a single PC but with a small office network it can become a bit of a nightmare. I suspect that when it empties the trash, ...
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2 votes

How to tell where an item in the Trash came from?

There is a great write up and some easier solutions posted at Including ...
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2 votes

How to empty trash on external disk on MacOS?

Your machine is in a state where one or more trashed files are in use... typically held open by some process - might well a "zombie" process which will never recover. Method #1 will work ...
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1 vote

Prevent deleting files in XCFE

To stop showing the "Delete" command, deselect "Show action to permanently delete files and folders" under "Behaviour" in the Edit/Preferences menu. The "Move to ...
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1 vote

Filling up your hard drive to securely remove trash

Most probably, and most of it. With some media (magnetic type), this is not enough to obscure the recording completely... there may be some remnant "under" the new recording. One cannot read that the ...
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1 vote

Deleted files still taking space because I didn't empty the trash can on my school

It's probable that the operating system does not recognize that the recycle bin folder on your hard drive (the folder where elements are moved when deleted) is not empty. You can try deleting the $...
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1 vote

Mac always warns "You can't undo this action" and skips the Trash when deleting a file

I faced the same problem after upgrading macOS Sierra to Mojave. The hidden .Trash folder in my user folder was recognized as file rather than a directory. Deleting it fixed the problem. Open ...
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1 vote

Quickly Empty Trash in Mac OS X

I use the following bash function to quickly empty trash. emptytrash() { defaults write EmptyTrashSecurely -bool false sudo rm -rf ~/.Trash/* } This can be added to your ~/....
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