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Poedit Permission Denied

As a general rule, just do not run graphical programs with sudo at all. If you need to edit something that you don't have permissions for, then it's better to grant yourself the permissions to access ...
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How to associate "open with" programs exactly by file extension rather than file content format?

Thunar mime-types can be defined via an XML file that defines the file extension via a glob pattern. In the post File types and extension in Thunar, in comment #4, user daggoth said this : Secipolla ...
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can't access outside of WSL2 / Ubuntu 20.04

Suggestion: Do NOT disable IPv6 on WSL2 Running 22.04 WSL2 Windows 10 - Same issues as reported above. All the advice and tips I could find on the internet regarding this issue couldn't help me. Then ...
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