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Ubuntu 22.04 dies all of a sudden after some time, yet the PC is still running

I have 2 Ubuntu 22.04 machines running 24x7. The problem with spontaneous freezing began several weeks ago forcing me to restart the machines. Ubuntu updates from April 12 to April 14-15 (2024) have ...
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What drivers do I need to install for an Epson in Kubuntu?

The driver you need to install, for all Debian/Ubuntu and derivatives is the first one in your screenshot. After following the link and accepting the license you should arrive at: https://support....
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WSL can't access disk mounted *below* a drive letter

Building on the @basil-peace answer: SUBSTed drives still confuse WSL, although I can force-mount the drive and get around it during a session, no new mount point needed: In CMD: D:\>wsl <3>...
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