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How do I turn secure boot off in UEFI BIOS on an ASUS TUF Gaming board?

No. Here is the correct answer: Change OS Type to Other OS See: Note: Some newer Asus Bioses allow you to just toggle Secure Boot On and Off. Note: You ...
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Keyboard sending wrong codes for certain key combinations only to linux terminals, tried everything. So confused

The keyboard doesn't know what apps it's talking to (and apps don't know what keyboard they're talking to). The only place actual keyboard inputs go is your OS, where they're converted to Windows-...
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Computer not booting after installing Ubuntu next to Windows

and rewriting the GUID partition table You don't have one; you only have a BIOS-style MBR partition table. (It's the only kind that has an 'extended' partition with more partitions inside – with GPT ...
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What happens if you delete all secure boot variables?

In my case on ASUS Zenbook Flip UX360U, disabling the secure boot didn't help and the full NVRAM prevented to even boot from USB with error Couldn't Create Moklist: Volume Full , Something serious has ...
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How to reinstall GRUB2 EFI?

None of the above worked for me. Turns out, when I cloned my previous EFI / ESP partition, it hadn't set the esp and boot flags. That factor was enough to get it to not show up when manually adding ...
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Used mbr2gpt tool on a (I think) non-UEFI machine, can't boot anymore

I got a boot device not found when rebooting after a mbr2gpt conversion. I was able to fix it booting from a USB (cd will work too) with Windows system image (windows PE should work too), as long as ...
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