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Lazy umount or Unmounting a busy disk in Linux

Say you really need to change the volume on which a software is writing a log, e.g. a web server, but it has a lot of traffic and can't be turned off for the operation nor can the logging path be ...
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mount and umount behaving differently when run under cron

Here is my complete solution: First I visually audited the audit.log. To catch the right things and only the right things, I used audit2allow to create a policy and type enforcement rule. grep mount ...
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How do I unmount (eject) a USB stick from the command line on Windows?

Well, according to this article: ... the answer is that there isn't one. No Microsoft-only command can eject a usb drive just like "Safely Remove Hardware" does it. It even links to this ...
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move hard-drive from /dev/sdb1 to /dev/sdc1

Sounds like we have a XY problem here. Your problem is not about renaming the device - it's about configuring fstab properly so that mounting always works, no matter what names are assigned to devices....
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Unmount busy filesystem

There's this question on Linux & Unix SE: umount: device is busy. Why? Few answers: It seems the cause for my issue was the nfs-kernel-server was exporting the directory. The nfs-kernel-server ...
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Why Linux /etc/fstab UUIDs are case sensitive?

Kind of implied by @sparkie's answer, and part of what's going on in the original question, is that the UUIDs for FAT partitions (seem to?) always need to be uppercase (e.g. UUID=125C-A3EB) whereas ...
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lvresize fails: mount: /var: not mounted. Cannot proceed with mounted filesystem

Thanks to Nikita Kipriyanov for the comments, which led me to the solution. I made two mistakes: I didn't understand the implications of umount -l (lazy unmount). When checking for open files with ...
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removed devices still appear as attached

Not sure about CentOS, but on Ubuntu you can run partprobe to cause it to rescan the bus. After doing that, it is no longer listed.
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Lazy umount or Unmounting a busy disk in Linux

I use encfs to encrypt part of my sensitive data. When the disk is mounted, nautilus build up previews (I think, I am not sure), and lock the files. When I want to unmount it, it says that it is ...
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