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User Install of Google Chrome

you can run a script to delete the google profile in the app data folder Commend prompt rd "C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data" you can set the script to run at ...
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How do I uninstall Avast Anti-Virus after accidentally deleting it from my CCleaner Uninstall Programs list?

If your Avast antivirus is removed from your device after deleting it from CCleaner, then try to install it first on your device. When you visit the official Avast website, you will see the option to ...
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Can't uninstall app in Windows because it's looking for the original msi file

WMIC is technically deprecated but I end up using it a lot in my environment. We have a SNAFU where MSI won't uninstall from add/remove programs due to a pair of 2502/2503 errors. wmic product where &...
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Google Chrome is stuck on version 70.55.49213

Are you sure the binary is actually the old version? I remember something about there is a version on the MSI installer that is different than chrome.exe version and in rare instances the registry ...
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