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If you are now using product from MSI, ASUS or ASRock... you will see there is an app call Nahimic which was pre-installed on your machine. It will be Sonic Stuido 3 if you are an ASUS user. Basically, these apps are from the same company and you cannot remove it from your machine completely. It will reinstall every Windows update or driver update because ...


I have similar problem- tried many fixes, including yours. Gave up. Am now buying new computer and hoping to salvage my personal data. Oh, and will avoid Linux forever. No offence but unless one is an expert, it's a nightmare


Thanks to @hải-phong I found list of all files to be installed by fuse-ext2 in source files (file fuse-ext2.uninstall.m): "/Library/Receipts/fuse-ext2.pkg", "/Library/Filesystems/fuse-ext2.fs", "/System/Library/Filesystems/fuse-ext2.fs", "/Library/PreferencePanes/fuse-ext2.prefPane", "/System/...

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