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How to unwrap 80 character text

If your input text is compatible with some common format like markdown, consider using Pandoc. It's a heavyweight solution if you don't already have the package, but it may fit the bill for some. cat ...
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How can I create a cron job that runs a task every three weeks?

Modern crond has a little more flexibility. Your cron might support the '/' slash operator and so this could be programmed with */21 so every 21 days it would run. * * */21 * * /bin/dosomething....
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How can I find files that are bigger/smaller than x bytes?

Using fd, which is much nicer to use than find fd -S +1g will search under the current directory for any files larger than 1GB fd -S -1g will search for files smaller than 1GB
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display path to files with same names

With awk: find . | awk -F / ' {t[$NF]=t[$NF] $0 ORS; c[$NF]++} END {for (k in t) if (c[k]>1) printf "%s", t[k]} ' Notes: The above code processes pathnames as newline-terminated ...
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Full command text with unix ps

As other answers have noted, piping the output to another command (e.g., less or more) or redirecting to a file will usually result in the terminal width being ignored. However, if that's not working, ...
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