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Removable media devices cannot have more than one boot entry added to the UEFI boot menu. The boot manager finds the first EFI partition that contains \EFI\BOOT\BOOT{machine type short name}.EFI before moving to the next device, so any additional partitions, however properly formatted, are ignored. Haven't got a clue why it's designed that way. UEFI Spec v2....


Looks like a Mini USB 8 pin connector (it's a proprietary adapter, haven't seen it around for a while).


I will not use Multiple partitions on a USB drive, I like a tool named WinSetupFromUSB ( You can download it and then you can place multiple ISO images in a USB drive and when you will boot from USB it will show a menu for choosing bootable image. It supports both BIOS/UEFI and windows editions from 2000. Although no Linux ...

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