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Windows 11 Pro does not accept a local and a remote connection on the same PC

That's by design - you can't log in 'twice', even with different accounts into a non server instance. I remember its documented somewhere but I can't quite find it. The feature you're looking for is ...
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windows 10 prevent one admin from changing other admin password

It has already been said in another answer, but to clarify things, I've decided to still write an answer. Yes, A user that is added to the local administrators group, gets full control on that ...
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Batch file running in one account but not another

The second user might not have the permission to Log on as a batch job: This policy setting determines which accounts can sign in by using a batch-queue tool such as the Task Scheduler service. An ...
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Windows 10/11 disable WiFi for Users group

An even better option is to use group policy. Configure a wireless profile that only allows connection to certain SSID's - and leave the list blank. The user will be able to use Ethernet no problem, ...
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Windows 10/11 disable WiFi for Users group

I'm a little late to the party, but ethernet adapters are a completely separate layer of the network stack from any protocols, and can operate any protocol, not just TCP/IP. They can be controlled ...
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