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Converting active PowerPoint to text file including table and chart

This isn't an actual answer but you can adapt this code to what you're doing. Option Explicit Sub TestTableExtract() ' This tests the text extraction function below ' Select the table you want to ...
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Excel VBA to list Sheets in selected Workbook and copy listed Sheets to end of Main Workbook

I have updated the user's code and wrote the comments - Sub SelectWorkbookAndListWorksheets() Dim dialogBox As FileDialog Set dialogBox = Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogOpen) Dim sheet_name ...
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Excel Parent-Child Array to identify and move children not working?

First off, there are some discrepancies between your description and the code used. You said parent rows are identified where the value in column B starts with "xDay_", but the code seems to ...
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Loop over excel cells using for loop when cells are selected using CTRL

Cells or ranges that were selected via Ctrl+Click consist of multiple Areas. To use the For Next approach, loop through each Cell within each Area: Option Explicit Sub ForNextLoop() Dim oRange As ...
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How can I make a volatile Excel formula static, specifically a formula containing the TODAY function?

Here is a non-macro answer: Allow circular references by going to File>Options>Formulas check "Enable iterative calculation" (for Mac it is Excel menu>Preferences>Calculation ...
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