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Setting up an encrypted git-repository

A free and partially open-source tool is Keybase : Git supports remote helpers. And we've made an open source one. Keybase's remote helper performs all the crypto while letting git do its thing. This ...
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I forgot to activate Track Changes in a Word document. How to highlight my edits?

Since you have a copy of the previous revision, you can use Word's "Compare documents" functionality to create a new Word document highlighting the changes you made. For versions of Word with the ...
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Want to delete revisions from my SVN repository

For me (VisualSVN, 30-HEAD) works this : del C:\Repositories\MyRepo\revs\0\30 del C:\Repositories\MyRepo\revs\0\29 del C:\Repositories\MyRepo\revs\0\28 del C:\Repositories\MyRepo\revprops\...
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Setting up an encrypted git-repository

Step by step instructions, using git-remote-gcrypt and Bitbucket: Prerequisites GnuPG (brew install gpg on macOS) git-remote-gcrypt (brew install git-remote-gcrypt on macOS) Overview This guide ...
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Version Control for Microsoft Word

Great question and one I have been looking for a solution to as well... The best I have found thus far is to download Writage (which requires Pandoc - all free), an add-on for Microsoft Word, that ...
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git: "pack has bad object" when pushing to remote

The pack-objects (man git-pack-objects) died of signal 13 (broken pipe), because git was unable to inflate (uncompress) the object and it failed with error (error code -5 could mean out-of-mem or ...
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How to clone Mercurial repository from remote server?

You're trying to use a ssh command line (-i) option with hg. It’s not supported. Because hg doesn’t support this option, it looks for the repository to clone at ~/keys/dukeimg. There are three ...
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How to find source code of specific version of linux tools, i.e. ifconfig

On many distros ifconfig is deprecated and replaced by the ip command. On my Centos7.4 ifconfig --version says net-tools 2.10-alpha while on my Ubuntu 16.04 it says net-tools 1.60 / ifconfig 1.42 (...
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Difference between .pdf and *.pdf in gitignore

Yes, that's correct! Here is a small example: $ git status On branch master Untracked files: (use "git add <file>..." to include in what will be committed) .pdf abc.pdf funny/...
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Setting up an encrypted git-repository

I recently had an issue syncing two different machines via an encrypted repository on GitHub with the help of git-remote-gcrypt. So I hope the following will answer the questions on how to add users ...
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How to use GitKraken on Heroku

Ok so the way was not to "Init Repo" but use the "Clone Repo" That did the trick. Only thing I needed was to get a token as a password using heroku authorizations:create to get a long lasting token. ...
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Git: should I checkout a tagged version or master in production?

Disclaimer: I am personally quite sceptical of using Git as a deployment tool. A real build / deployment tool will offer many things Git does not do: versioning rules, compilation/preprocessing, ...
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Version control for audio files

Any and all of used now VCS can store and handle binary-files in repositories for almost any size ("don't store giant files in repo" is recommendation, not limitation). Some VCS just do it better, ...
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version control of for PDFs with annotations

You can uncompress PDFs with a number of tools (qpdf, pdftk, mutool, cpdf). For example: pdftk original.pdf output uncompressed.pdf uncompress This should give you the PDF in a format where you can ...
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Rebasing a branch which is public

Late at the party, but here is the answer for posterity: git rebase is meant to be used locally. It re-writes history, which allows for a very nice "main line", but is dangerous in a multi-user ...
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Versioning specific text / code (R) files on Windows

There are a lot of different tools available for this. What you're looking for is a version control system. Examples would include SVN and (more popular these days) GIT which probably would work. ...
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How to store every file change indefinitely?

Although not exactly what you are looking for, Windows 8 & 10 have a tool that might meet your needs. The File History tool will allow you to save file versions in as little as 10 minute ...
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Mercurial hg identifies unchanged files as modified

I ended up in this situation today, too. I worked around the issue by running hg update -C null to empty the working folder, then hg update [revision] for the revision I wanted.
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cvs update when we have a conflict

"cvs update" means that you download updates from the server to your computer. It sounds as if you are in fact trying to upload your updates from your computer to the server. In that case, you should ...
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Using a Git repository with secure data

A small caveat: If data is saved on a remote location, and you open it on your workstation, you will have effectively saved it there, even if only temporarily, unless of course all your operations are ...
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Rewrite and Resign git commit-history with git-filter-repo

This method DOESN'T work if the repository has multiple branches. So, before getting started, merge all secondary branches in to the primary-branch (usually master/main), as per your requirement. And ...
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Doing a Pull Request to latest commit on server

I have no idea how you do your pull requests. If A1-A5 and B1-B3 are all pushed to the remote on each branch, all you have to do is hop onto branch A or B and then git pull remote origin BRANCH A/B ...
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Team Foundation Server - Git Enabled Team Project vs Git Team Project

I can`t find any problem description related to tfvc in your question. There is no big difference between projects with default Tfvc and Git. For Tfvc project, you just get additional repository for ...
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Tortoise Git Commit Lost

I switched my repository to temp. Looking through the reflog, my commit appeared - not the normal log. I rebased to this commit and was able to retrieve my changes - phew.
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RVM can't find installed new Ruby version (previously installed using Homebrew)

First of all, nothing you say or do is going to sound stupid. We've all been beginners at some point. The reason why your Mac didn't automatically recognize the Ruby version installed by Homebrew is ...
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Emacs - Is it possible to have a save history of a file?

There is a very simple version system in emacs for individual text files, quoted from: https://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/RevisionControlSystem "To put a file under VersionControl with RCS type ‘C-x v v’...
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How to backup file from server and keep last n versions?

Forget about days since you will be running the script a fixed number of times per day. Simply have the files numbered to achieve something like below. Each file's date modified stamp will be an ...
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Automated Version Control - for the business environment

I recommend (and am not affiliated to) the SVN (or Git!) SASS Beanstalk. It's a very user friendly introduction to version control. So user friendly that although I could do so, I avoid the command ...
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Automated Version Control - for the business environment

SVN seems like an ideal choice to look into here. It's simple, has a fairly straight forward user interface. With several good GUI implementations such as smartsvn The only other thing that would be ...
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Setting up an encrypted git-repository

For people following the answer by Niklas Netter of using git-remote-gcrypt installed with brew install git-remote-gcrypt Its normal for the final git push to say "repository not found" ...
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