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tmux doesn't instantly update pane's title

Instant updates based on the command are impossible in the automatic-rename mechanism that's being used here, because tmux itself does not know what is being executed and when. It is not told by the ...
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How do I copy command output in vim?

I'm so late to the party... I've been looking for a way to pipe that list to my fzf-powered shell goodies for some time, and today this post allowed me to finish! I got this nice one-liner, it could ...
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How can I open a file read-only from command line with emacs/vi/vim

I use emacsclient to speed up opening my files in Emacs. But emacsclient does not have a dedicated flag for read-only mode, nor is it possible to combine a filename with eval string. So I use an eval ...
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Adding parenthesis around highlighted text in Vim

My answer is a bit more complex but it might be useful to someone. I go the extra mile so that none of my registers get used by macros or functions. function! WrapWith(startChar, endChar) range ...
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Vim: Delete all blank lines until first non-blank line

While in Normal mode, place you cursor on any line of blank text between the two non-blank lines, then type dip for delete inner paragraph. This will delete all empty lines between two blocks of text.
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