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How do I exit an SSH connection?

How do I exit an SSH connection? Two ways: closing the shell session will usually exit, for example: with the shell builtin command, exit, followed by Enter, or Ctrl-d, (end-of-file) in the case ...
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Why does virtualbox only have 32-bit option, no 64-bit option on Windows 7?

Take a look: http://www.fixedbyvonnie.com/2014/11/virtualbox-showing-32-bit-guest-versions-64-bit-host-os/ If VirtualBox is only showing 32-bit versions in the Version list make sure: You have an ...
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No USB devices available in VirtualBox

Please add your user name to the vboxusers group with this command: sudo adduser $USER vboxusers After that you must logout and login. (For Ubuntu 20.04, a reboot is required) Please check this for ...
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What are differences between VBoxVGA, VMSVGA and VBoxSVGA in VirtualBox?

Based on what I've found in the source code: VBoxVGA This emulates a graphics adapter specific to VirtualBox, the same as in previous versions (<6.0.0). This is the default for images created ...
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How can I install Linux and Windows 7 to run side by side, not requiring reboot?

There are two additional ways of running Windows and Linux side by side that you haven't mentioned in your question: You could install Windows Subsystem for Linux if you are running 64-bit Windows 10....
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How to select paravirtualization interface in VirtualBox?

The VirtualBox Manual, in the section titled Paravirtualization providers explains very clearly when each should be used (emphasis added): Minimal: Announces the presence of a virtualized ...
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Why can't VirtualBox or VMware run with Hyper-V enabled on Windows 10

VirtualBox and VMware Workstation (and VMware Player) are "level 2 hypervisors." Hyper-V and VMware ESXi are "level 1 hypervisors." The main difference is that a level 2 hypervisor is an application ...
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Why doesn't clipboard sharing work with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS inside VirtualBox 5.1.26?

The problem is with the virtualbox-guest-x11 package missing. Execute the below commands: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-x11 If it asks you about keeping a file or ...
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I hid the menu bar in VirtualBox, how to show it again?

You can access the menu while the VM is running by Right Control + Home (by default). It will pop up as a contextual menu through which you will be able to reactivate the display of the menu.
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CentOS 7 VirtualBox no internet access

As Gasim said: Add the following to /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-enp0s3 DNS1= DNS2= # Note this was set to no ONBOOT=yes then reboot the machine.
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I hid the menu bar in VirtualBox, how to show it again?

Open virtual machine's settings, then User Interface page. Check this box:
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Now to connect to a VirtualBox guest OS through a VPN?

I had the exact same problem, and saw it through to resolution, so I'm happy to explain the problem and solution in detail. Without Involving a VPN It is important to understand the configuration ...
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What's the recommended way to move a VirtualBox VM to another computer?

Method 2 works well now (with VirtualBox 4.0 and higher), without any XML modification required: Stop your Virtual Machine Exit VirtualBox Copy the VM folder to the new location Restart VirtualBox, ...
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VirtualBox Windows XP has no local network

Windows XP doesn't have drivers for the Intel PRO/1000 card. Try selecting the PCNet FAST III network card instead. You can set it in the VM settings.
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How to sign a kernel module Ubuntu 18.04

In order to get VirtualBox working without simply disabling UEFI Secure Boot, then you'll need to do the following: Create a personal public/private RSA key pair to sign the kernel modules. As ...
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VirtualBox - Android x86 - Don't boot in GUI but just in command line

Settings -> Display -> graphic controller set to -> VBoxVGA. Turn off Enable 3D Acceleration. This worked for me in my VM.
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How to change the RAM allocated to an OS in VirtualBox?

Pretty easy to do. Power down the VM (the guest has to be off, not just not running but with a saved state). Discard 'Saved State' Open the VM's settings. Open the System tab. Change the "Base memory"...
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Can a hypervisor like VirtualBox be used to launch a virtualized OS which is also directly bootable?

It's possible, yes, and it doesn't necessarily have to be slower, since these days it's not emulation anymore, it's virtualization – most CPUs support hardware-assisted virtualization (VT-x and such), ...
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Use NVidia GPU from VirtualBox?

I realize a few years have passed but wanted to answer since this post shows up pretty high when you google for "virtualbox 3d multiple GPU". In the time that has passed, things have gotten a lot ...
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Stuck on UEFI interactive shell with Mac OS X High Sierra VM

UEFI requires intervention because EFI firmware on the Mac's motherboard cant find valid OS-specific EFI boot firmware in the standard location on disk. However, assuming you have a macOS recovery ...
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Is VirtualBox not totally sandboxed?

The VM cannot be totally isolated, since it has no hardware of its own. It's using the hardware resources of the host, such as the disk, CPU, GPU and the network adapter. All of this hardware is used ...
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How can I install Linux and Windows 7 to run side by side, not requiring reboot?

I believe that the solution with the least overhead would be using Linux as your primary OS and using KVM (kernel-based virtual machine, not a KVM switch though that could be used as well) to ...
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How can I import an existing .vbox virtual machine in VirtualBox?

The VBoxManage command line interface provides more control over VirtualBox than the GUI. You can add an existing VM by running this on a terminal: VBoxManage registervm /full/path/to/the/.vbox/file ...
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Enable EFI: Settings -> System -> Motherboard OR vboxmanage modifyvm vmname --firmware efi
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Start a VM in VirtualBox without GUI

From VirtualBox manual 7th chapter (Remote virtual machines): To start a virtual machine with VBoxHeadless, you have three options: You can use VBoxManage startvm "VM name" --type ...
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VirtualBox fails to start with VERR_NEM_VM_CREATE_FAILED

Open the "Turn Windows features on or off" settings (type optionalfeatures in the start menu or Win + R). Untick "Windows Sandbox" and "Hyper-V" . Restart windows twice. ...
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Find a Windows 10 ISO to install it in a virtual machine

Microsoft now provides Windows 10 test VMs for Hyper-V, VMware and VirtualBox. Follow these steps: Navigate to https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/tools/vms/ Under Virtual Machine ...
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Unable to install a VM into another VM

What you're trying to do is nested virtualization. Its not supported in virtualbox and in no way is a priority for them. You'll need to run the XP VM in the host instead. In THEORY you could run ...
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VirtualBox - VT-x is being used by another hypervisor

It's happened to me when I was using a Android Virtual Device. Check if you are using other virtual machine at the same time. Hope this help.
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VT-x error when setting up VirtualBox on Ubuntu

What solved my issue was using less than 3 GB of ram in the virtual box session. I was originally attempting to utilize roughly 6 GB. You are trying to allocate >3GB of RAM to the VM. This ...
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