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Multi-Line VirtualBox VM Description From The CLI

You'll have to put an actual line break in your command. Depending on which command shell you're running this from, it might be either as easy as literally hitting Enter midway through the "...
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VirtualBox assigning duplicate IP address to clone with Host-only Adapter

This is normal behavior. When you choose a network interface that is anything but bridged or NATted, to virtualbox and to that VM, there is only one device in the network, and VirtualBox will use its ...
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Not able to connect to Gitea through WireGuard although NGINX works

The solution is to add MTU = 1400 into WireGuard configuration file into [Interface] section. I found the solution here
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Virtualbox Guru Meditation a critical error has occurred while running the virtual machine

Thanks to scottgus1 I found the problem: It appears that KVM/QEMU might be running on the host OS. These block Virtualbox. They may be enabled by other apps like Docker. I had the docker running in ...
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Can't access shared folder with Virtual Box

for windows server 2016, share folder need insert guest additions from this link: 1. Insert Guest Additions from the Devices menu. 2. Open Windows Explorer in your guest. 3. Look at your CD drive in ...
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VirtualBox can't get back to main screen to select different VM

Reset Interface Settings: On Windows, the configuration file is typically located in %APPDATA%\VirtualBox. You might need to look for a file named something like VirtualBox.xml and either delete it or ...
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/dev/kvm in guest Ubuntu running on a Windows host with hyper-v enabled

Your question is complicated, you cannot use two hypervisor at same time at same hardware. "Redhat"say KVM lets you turn Linux into a hypervisor that allows a "host machine" to run ...
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How to mount a VirtualBox .vdi disk on Linux?

As of VirtualBox 7, there is now the tool vboximg-mount for Linux and OS X to mount images. Example of use: $ vboximg-mount --image /vbox/Fedora/Fedora.vdi --list Virtual disk image: Base: /vbox/...
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Bidirectional clipboard not working in VirtualBox

Impressive that there is yet not better answer. For me the solution was to create new again and this time, tick the option "Guest Addition" (see image). I know this is not a good solution ...
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Virtualbox TPM vs hosts TPM

If you're dogmatic about identifying a TPM, a security principled approach would be to retrieve the EK certificate of the TPM and see if the issuer is a discrete TPM vendor, or a local, software based ...
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Guest OS can't detect increased VirtualBox disk size

Host: Win 10 Pro VirtualBox 7.0.0 Guests: Bodhi Linux, Mint, Lubuntu Increased the size of VDI via GUI of VB. After guest started no change - tried some included disk tools with no success. Installed ...
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