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Can't SSH to remote server when using public key - Could not establish connection

I struggled for the past four hours this morning. The VS code connectivity with remote ssh extension was working perfectly fine till yesterday. But it stopped working today. This solution helped me. ...
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Visual studio code integrated terminal path different than normal terminal

This was driving me insane. This worked for me: "terminal.integrated.shellIntegration.enabled": false It supposedly "determines whether or not shell integration is auto-injected to ...
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Meaning of letters in VSCode Pull Request Extension messages

I don't know of any references or documents specifically about this but typically on Github R stands for Review, A stands for Approved and M stands for Merge.
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Is there a way to install vs-code extensions only inside the workspace?

The April 2024 VS Code update now provides a clean way to accomplish this via the "local workspace extensions" feature. In order to use this feature, the unpackaged extension must be placed ...
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Jupyter Slideshow in VSCode

The guidance in the "Jupyter Slide Show" extension states the following: After assigning slide types to your cells, create an HTML slideshow presentation by opening the integrated terminal ...
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visual studio code search word without wrap around

Settings > Text Editor > Editor > Find: Loop The default value is enabled (it will loop/wrap). [This was implemented in v1.45]
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Unexplained terminal behaviour with VS Codium

I installed Codium via flatpak. This runs it in a sandbox environment. Here's the link to the issue that solves it for me here which links to the documentation here Summary of the solution was to put ...
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Visual Studio code - convert spaces to tab and then save in spaces again

Quoting @brad and @chaotic3quilibrium comments and extending upon P47 R1ck's answer: Use Find and replace Ctrl+H, In search field type 4 spaces, in replace field type tab, Doing one of the following: ...
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How can a terminal know it is running in vscode?

As stated in the comments, you can check if the TERM_PROGRAM environment variable is set to vscode. There's also a TERM_PROGRAM_VERSION variable if you want to check the VS Code version. The source ...
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How do i change this icon on the welcome page of vs code?

In order to change the workbench logo, you can load your custom CSS using this extension. The instructions to set up are available on the extension's page, then you can create your custom CSS to point ...
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Is it possible to detach the terminal window from VSCode?

I'm clearly late to the party, but I hope I'm bringing some really good booze. Method 1 (Shortcut keys): What I do as soon as I get VSCode is set up shotcut keys. Ctrl+t for Toggle Terminal View. One ...
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