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How to reduce the size of VMware disk

One more Solution would be: (I had a 2GB WIN 3.11 old System, which uses only 50 MB, which should be fit to an 512MB IDE Dongle) Reduce the (f.e. 2 GB-)PARTION by booting with the ISO file f.e. ...
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Screen Flickering in VMWare Workstation

I had the same issue with CentOS on windows 10 host and virtual machine version 7.0. The screen was heavily flickering and the fix for me was stopping The virtual machine, then from Settings < ...
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How to reduce the size of VMware disk

For ESXi hosts with a Linux guest VM Tested on ESXi 8.0 U2 with a Debian 12 VM Backup the VM as appropriate Shut down the VM! Download the SystemRescue live ISO Mount the ISO to the VM Boot with ...
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Create a shortcut for the guest OS (VMware)

1- Go to the virtual machine location. (To find the location of a virtual machine, right click on its name on the main page of VMware and select settings, and then in the Options tab, in the Working ...
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Ubuntu not displaying in VMware full-screen until logged in

I have the same setup here. You need VMware Tools installed and working properly. It would appear (I am not certain) that VMware Tools have not loaded when you first start up. You can manage VMware ...
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