Virtual Network Computing - platform-independent remote display system

About the product

Virtual Network Computing is a platform-independent remote display system. By installing this on your computer, you are creating a VNC Server, which you can then connect to via the VNC Viewer which will allow you remote control access to the desktop environment, as if you were sitting at the keyboard of the computer that is running the VNC Server.

Tag usage

Typical installation consists of both the VNC Server and VNC Viewer. This tag can be used for questions that related to either of these components. If your question is limited to using only one of those components, please use the more specific tag or

If your question is specifically for one a VNC-related product, such as "RealVNC" or "TightVNC", please use the more specific tag, instead.

You can also use this tag for general questions about the VNC protocol, configuration, questions related to connection troubleshooting, and questions about usage.

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