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Get static public IP from a VPS

I actually managed to do this after some trial and error: The VPS has the public IPs directly attached to its interfaces: ens4 ens4:1 ens4:2 ens4:3 ens4:...
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OpenVPN exclude IP or port

In macOS 10.15.7 with OpenVPN connection using Tunnelblick: Find the default gateway ( $ netstat -rn | grep default default UGSc en1 default ...
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How do I hide my public IP when using a DDNS

harrymc’s answer already has the “does it make sense” angle covered. So I will answer the technical side! Simply put your WireGuard server on the VPS, done! No dynamic DNS needed, only regular DNS, ...
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How do I hide my public IP when using a DDNS

You are trying to achieve Security through obscurity, which is highly discouraged by security experts. It's doubly inefficient when applied to the internet. People knowing your IP does not make you ...
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