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30 votes

How can I remotely determine if a laptop has webcam from the console?

On Windows, you can look in Device Manager to check whether camera devices exist. This check can also be performed using PowerShell or Command Prompt, without special rights. Command Prompt: pnputil /...
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Is it possible to set a default camera device to show screen instead of the output of an actual, physical camera?

Making the browser itself pretend there's a "desktop" camera would be technically possible, but since it would only work with that single browser, it doesn't look like anyone has done this yet. (At ...
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20 votes

Your webcam is currently being used by another application?

Right click on windows icon on the left corner of the taskbar. Click on the settings icon (just above the power icon), this will open windows settings panel. Click on the privacy icon (lock symbol), ...
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20 votes

Can hackers enable the camera after the user disabled it?

These emails are all scams. I get them and I don't even have a webcam on my desktop. In theory a dedicated attacker could have done this, if they got in and used a privilege-escalation exploit to ...
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15 votes

Adjust system-wide camera settings in Windows 10?

As I came here from Google looking for solution myself... You will need FFmpeg unzipped anywhere on your disk. Assuming Windows here, but FFmpeg should have Linux version as well. Navigate to bin ...
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12 votes

Linux (v4l) webcam - make settings "stick"

First the bad news: There is currently no built-in solution to do that in any distro I know. The good news is that such a solution is very easy to implement and can be adapted for many similar ...
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11 votes

How to identify USB webcam by serial number from the Linux command line

It is possible to identify all cameras. The command $ sudo lsusb -v -d 046d:082d | grep -i serial iSerial 1 05C6D16F returns the Serial number of my camera (a Logitech HD Pro ...
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10 votes

How do I reset an USB device without unplugging it in Linux?

Let's say I want to reset /dev/sdc. # udevadm info -q all /dev/sdc | grep DEVPATH E: DEVPATH=/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:14.0/usb2/2-1/2-1.4/2-1.4:1.0/host2/target2:0:0/2:0:0:0/block/sdc I take the ...
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10 votes

webcam detection in chromium on fresh ubuntu install

Thanks to Nikita to point me at the snap install. I found on this launchpad the way to connect the camera to a snap install. It works perfectly $ sudo snap connect chromium:camera :camera
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9 votes

Webcam driver that uses an image or video file as the video source

Came across this and thought I would contribute the solution that suited my needs. Open Broadcaster Studio allows you to stream and record many sources layed out in a virtual canvas: you can define ...
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9 votes

How to disable iSight auto adjustments?

Try uvcc, a tool to configure USB Video Class (UVC) compliant devices from the command line. You can find the uvcc source code on github. (Note: I'm the author.) It's a generic tool which should work ...
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9 votes

How to know if a usb cable has 4 wires not 2 (other than cutting it)

Use a multimeter to check for continuity. Outer, longer pins in a standard USB type-A plug are power pins. Two middle pins are for data. If you can find a corresponding pin in the other plug, then ...
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9 votes

USB webcam connected to MacBook through Dell monitor is sporadically undetected

There is a firmware update available for your monitor claiming to fix USB issues with Macbooks: Fixes & Enhancements ... 2. Fix Apple Macbook USB compatibility issues. ... You can find the update ...
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8 votes

vlc to stream webcam with no delay

On the Capture Device tab: click on Show more options then change caching to 0. Change caching to zero: VLC no Delay Camera
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8 votes

Use a IP-camera as a virtual camera

You were pretty close on your first attempt, actually. The input format is specified before the -i argument, like this: -f mjpeg -i rtsp://, and you might have to specify a pixel ...
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8 votes

How to identify USB webcam by serial number from the Linux command line

I had same problem too. I needed to identify 6 usb cameras connected to raspberry pi with 1 more usb hub. 6 cameras have all identical vendor id, model name and serial #. Whenever I turned off and on ...
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8 votes

How can I get rid of a specific driver that I'm not even using?

In the device manager: Select View → Devices by driver Right click on the driver (in your case oem109.inf) Enable both tick boxes: ✓ Uninstall this driver from any device that currently use it. ✓ ...
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7 votes

Ubuntu turns on webcam but black screen in cheese

I know this sounds stupid, but it's worth a try. Some laptop models have a physical shutter, so the reason for the black screen is because the shutter's closed. You can usually open it with a ...
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7 votes

How can I remotely determine if a laptop has webcam from the console?

PowerShell looks like a good option. From Use PowerShell to discover laptop webcam a couple of options are given. The one that worked for me is Get-CimInstance Win32_PnPEntity | where caption -match '...
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6 votes

Can I use my DSLR as webcam through gphoto2 + v4l2loopback?

As of October 2017, GStreamer has been updated to 1.0 and v4l2loopback has also received some updates. As such, the old command posted by @Reinaert Albrecht doesn't work anymore, and the new command ...
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6 votes

How can I list the available video modes for a USB webcam in Linux?

The accepted answer (v4l2-ctl --list-formats) seems to show only the first available format, e.g.: $ v4l2-ctl --list-formats ioctl: VIDIOC_ENUM_FMT Index : 0 Type : Video ...
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6 votes

FFmpeg w/ V4L2 for virtual webcam on Linux that crops, filters real uvc webcam

Yes, this is possible. Get the v4l2loopback module apt-get install v4l2loopback-dkms Load the module modprobe v4l2loopback exclusive_caps=1 card_label="Virtual Webcam" max_buffers=2 Run ...
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6 votes

How can I remotely determine if a laptop has webcam from the console?

I haven't extensively tested this but Get-PnpDevice -PresentOnly | Where-Object { $_.Class -match '^Camera' } seems to work - kinda started with this SO answer and adjusted to fit It'll also give you ...
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How do I reset an USB device without unplugging it in Linux?

usbutils includes usbreset. Run it without any arguments to see usage and a list of devices. It requires superuser access to actually reset devices. Usage: usbreset PPPP:VVVV - reset by product and ...
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5 votes

Running Webcam with multiple applications

I recommend to use the free and open source software, OBS Studio. There is an OBS VirtualCam plugin which enables to create a virtual camera which can be used by other apps, for free, with no odious &...
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5 votes

Take webcam picture from shell with minimal delay

For my webcam, fswebcam takes a picture in less than half a second: $ time fswebcam test1.jpg ... real 0m0.491s user 0m0.024s sys 0m0.000s It takes a bit longer to write to stdout and then ...
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USB Webcam over Remote Desktop Connection

I found this solution from another website and it worked for me (same camera too). On the PC you're connecting to, change the following in Edit Group Policy: Computer Configuration > ...
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Logitech Streamcam not offering all modes on Manjaro

I guess my old answer was wrong. I recently bought the Logitech StreamCam myself and for me it works under Ubuntu 20.04 (kernel 5.4.0) on my Intel-based laptop. I get the same kernel messages as ...
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If I attach my USB webcam to USB to AV converter and then plug it in AV to HDMI mini adapter, will it work?

While I wouldnt call these USB to RCA adapters a scam, its close. They are made for very specific devices - not webcams. The seller/manufacturer probably has some left over from an order and is just ...
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