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Can a website in itself be dangerous?

Web browser are programs that can have vulnerabilities just like any other software. This means that simply browsing a web site with a web browser that has a remote code execution vulnerability could ...
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How to forbid keyboard shortcut stealing by websites in Firefox

11 years after the bug was filed, Mozilla finally got to work on this popular feature request, and it seems to be working okay now (tested in Firefox 66.0.3/Ubuntu). (Thanks to @PerJohansson for ...
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Website error: "Walmart can’t use this browser"

Entering as the URL does not open until the site has left cookies in the browser. Going into the site from a search engine, with added referrer in the URL, or, as @Spike ...
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Can a single server be associated with multiple domains?

Can a single server be associated with multiple domains? Yes. This would be done by pointing those domains at your web server via DNS. If I own the "x.x.x.x" web server, can I make two separate ...
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How can I recover data from a website after shutdown?

You are almost assuredly correct that a database ran in the backend. Since the site was shutdown, without a doubt, the database and server side code that ran it is completely gone. The page you are ...
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What is a web site doing while displaying "Checking if the site connection is secure"?

with a message like "Checking if the site connection is secure": "Review security of your connection" has nothing to do with security or connection, it means "Checking ...
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Why is there a website needed when having a mail-only domain?

No. You don't need a website for an email address and having one does very little if anything for your (email sending) reputation - certainly email won't be rejected just because you don't have a ...
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Wget returning error: "Unable to establish SSL connection."

You can find a newer version here: Windows binaries of GNU Wget It works fine, I had the same problem.
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Wget returning error: "Unable to establish SSL connection."

As SSL Labs shows, only TLSv1.0 and above are supported by You can't use SSLv3 with it. It's likely that your version of wget doesn't support this (possibly due to being too old). Try ...
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How to download a website from the Wayback Machine?

You can do this easily with wget. wget -rc --accept-regex '.*ROOT.*' START Where ROOT is the root URL of the website and START is the starting URL. For example: wget -rc --accept-regex '.*http://...
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Mirroring a web site behind a login form

I've done this successfully with WinHTTrack. You can follow the normal procedure for capturing a website, with two minor settings tweaks: In Chrome, open Dev Tools, then login to the website you need ...
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vimperator: Using external editor (e.g., vim) to edit Stack Overflow text

Stack Overflow and other Stack Exchange sites, like many other websites with embedded editors, bind various keyboard chords to editing commands. These are sometimes called access keys (if you want to ...
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How to download/ save my own website?

You have a few options: Use a WordPress backup plugin, like UpDraft to create a backup of your WordPress files and database. UpDraft and other plugins can create a file to download, or even put the ...
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How do I get rid of an extra www. in a specific web address?

Internet Explorer Open Internet Explorer Internet Options General tab Appearance Languages button. In the new box which opens, check the Do not add www to the beginning of typed addresses. Click OK/...
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Can a website in itself be dangerous?

If you take a look at this and previous generation of video game consoles (PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series), the web browser is what is used to exploit bugs in the firmware to gain access to ...
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How can I recover data from a website after shutdown?

How can I recover data from a website after shutdown? YOU probably cannot. As you've found out, the Wayback Machine has limitations on what it is able to cache from the web. If you didn't cache it ...
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How to download icons from any site

Just type the url (site) you want to download from in your default browser and add "/favicon.ico". So in your case: Now you see the icon. You just have to right-click on it an save/ download it to ...
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How do I completely download a web page, while preserving its functionality?

Browser add-on: Save Page WE Firefox / Chrome A firefox/chrome add-on which is lighter than the web-recorder mentioned below, and which worked well for a subset of use cases. Configurable, flexible, ...
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Can a website in itself be dangerous?

Websites could be dangerous if browsers have vulnerabilities. But even if there aren't any vulnerabilities in your browser, they could be dangerous depending on your definition. They could exploit ...
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Can HTTrack download a subdirectory?

So user Michael helped me figure this out (for Windows 7) in chat: Navigate to C:\Program Files\WinHTTrack folder Shift + right click in the WinHTTrack folder window and select Open command window ...
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What's the safest way to open a suspicious link?

If you don't want to interact with the suspicious webpage and instead just quickly want to see what it is, the easiest and safest way to open the link is probably by using an online screen capturing ...
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What risks are you taking when "signing in with Google"?

As @Tetsujin mentions, you share personal data with Google they would not otherwise have. You also share with the other account information from Google that they would not otherwise have. Another risk ...
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Extract files from a web archive (.warc)

You could browse the WARC with Webarchive Player and save the files you want from your browser. Alternatively, upload the WARC to and browse/download there.
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Website unavailable to me

The problem is you don't have the subdomain in the URL you are giving You need to start the URL with www (which is the subdomain) An example By URL, is different to http://www....
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Can A Site Be Reached Without A Router Or ISP?

Everyone needs an ISP You can't get anywhere on the Internet without a way to connect to the Internet. By definition, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is how you connect. Think of the Internet ...
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Single keyboard shortcuts for right click menu items

Answer To always see the underlined letter, you need to go to the Ease of Access settings in Windows (you can use Win+U to get there quicker). Windows 10: Find and click Keyboard on the left-hand ...
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How does a website prevent the pasting of a password or email address?

Answer: JavaScript Look at the source code of the page you link to. <input type="text" size="30" maxlength="99" onkeydown="clearErrMsg(event)" onblur="validateEmail(false)" onpaste="SFDOMEvent....
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Website error: "Walmart can’t use this browser"

It's not just Firefox that is having this issue. I've also seen Mac users posting they are also seeing the issue in Safari. I have tried all updated versions of Chrome, Edge and Firefox and all get ...
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How do I make HTTrack download at 15MBps?

I set the follow and am spiking at 17MiB/s on a 100Mb/s connection. Limits: Max transfer rate (B/s) = 0 B/s Max connections / second = Blank Flow Control: Number of connections = 99 Persistent ...
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Can there be more than one email provider per domain?

YES, Multiple PROVIDERS using Cascade-style Delivery As long as I've been up with the configuration pages about email routing for Google Apps and Zoho Mail, there are 3 types: Split Delivery: some ...
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