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Restore Winamp Window Position

If you're using "winamp modern" skin like I am, you need to navigate yourself to line "section name="Container:main">" in %AppData%\Winamp\Studio.xnf and change values in "entry name="rect" value="1,...
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Make media button on keyboard open Winamp instead of WMP

For Windows 10 I had to change the default app for Music player: Settings -> System/Apps (depending on Windows build) -> Default Apps -> Change Music player
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Error creating DirectSound buffer. Error code: 88780096

This worked for me: Open Winamp preferences (Ctrl+P) Go to plug-ins -> output Highlight DirectSound Output -> Configure Change device to what you have (in my case ddj-400) Same with WaveOut Output ...
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How to rip an asx stream - preferably free

None of the other answers here worked for me, in the case of one particular asx stream, probably because the applications (Orbit, VLC, mplayer, etc.) cannot cope with WMA codecs. Eventually I worked ...
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