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Windows 10 glitch. When maximizing a window, its upper part becomes kind of transparent

Turning the monitors off and on solves this problem. I have two monitors installed. When the monitors are turned on, the location of application windows changes. All windows are moved to the first ...
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SSH can't connect to my public IP

Your remote server is using windows ssh group config. So the server side config is denying you entry. you mentioned you generated a key but made no mention of placing the authorized key on the remote ...
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Setting default programs for only one file in Windows

You could make your own extension. Rename it to a type that is not assigned, like .pdff, and then set the "Open With..." to use the default application of your choice. As @KJ says above: &...
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MacOS: What does "This application can't be opened / -50" mean and what application can't be opened?

The -50 is an error number. Some other examples are shown at iBoysoft, -10673 and -10826. Apple Discussions states, "The error code -50 you're seeing generally implies some kind of file or system ...
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