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When I run SFC /Scannow it fails with the error: Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them. Error log for this is below. Windows 7 does not have the repair facilities that later operating systems have. If you have the original Windows 7 DVD that you used to install your system, you can start from that DVD and you ...


This PC had some Services disabled on startup (with System Config). Enabled all services and the DISM command ran OK.


Yes it currently has 8 gigs then. This system can be upgraded to16 gigs, but you may have difficulty aquiring the RAM as its been discontinued. A good way of solving this class of problem is to go to the Kingston or Crucial website and search for memory for your specific device - it usually advises the valid memory configurations and even exact supported ...


What did it for me in the end was going into Advanced BIOS settings and disabling "Wake on Lid Opening" (My computer is ASUS TUF FX705DT). I tried the following before this to no avail: Disable fast startup in Power Settings. The setting was not visible for me initially so I had to run powercfg.exe /hibernate on in powershell with admin mode. Ran ...

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