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Mouse pointer moving on arrow keys pressed in Windows?

Tried killing all running processes on my PC till the problem went away and I can now say for sure the culprit was... Microsoft Paint (classic Win32 one) Apparently it's got a feature that allows ...
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Rebooting Ubuntu on Windows without rebooting Windows?

You cannot reboot a distro with a single command. You must shut down and boot up the distro with two commands. If you run wsl.exe instead of wsl, then it works both in WSL Bash & CMD. View the ...
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What is the home directory on Windows Subsystem for Linux?

In the latest versions [2020], the file system is accessed from: # \\wsl$\<Distribution>: \\wsl$\Ubuntu Previously, as of 2018, The current path is related to which distribution you have ...
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What is the home directory on Windows Subsystem for Linux?

In Bash, to view the current directory in Windows File Explorer just enter: explorer.exe . Don't leave out the ".". This will open windows explorer at the current folder and you can see where ...
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How to access Windows folders from Bash on Ubuntu on Windows

You'll find the Windows C:\ structure at /mnt/c/ in the Bash environment. Therefore, my Documents folder is at /mnt/c/Users/Ben/Documents/.
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AltGr randomly stops working on windows 10

The issue happens when you open a RDP connection. Just bring the RDP window in foreground and press Alt+Enter. The issue will disappear on all other windows too Source: How to Fix Alt Gr Key Not ...
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Typing “python” on Windows 10 (version 1903) command prompt opens Microsoft store

Fixed it by removing it automatically on the settings page. Under Apps and Features, there are an application execution aliases. I am running the latest 1903 update.
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Items unpinned from taskbar are back after restart/sign out on Windows 10

I had the same problem. Nothing works. Finally, I found the XML file in my profile: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\LayoutModification.xml The items were listed here in this section: </...
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How to rename the User folder in Windows 10?

Microsoft has actually documented a very simple and clean way to rename a user profile folder. EDIT Feb 2022: If you plan to use winget to manage your Windows installations at any point, note that ...
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How can I reduce the consumption of the `vmmem` process?

Daniiel B is on the money. To turn off Vmmem simply go into Powershell or whatever terminal you like to use under admin rights and enter the command wsl --shutdown, when your done with playing in wsl1/...
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Why is DNS apparently involved in issuing "dir" on Windows 10?

The second cmd.exe fails to locate and subsequently load the localized strings from the cmd.exe.mui satellite resource library. Here is what it really attempts to say, taken from a 10.0.18362.1 (...
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Windows Linux Subsystem - Accessing Files outside of Ubuntu

I'm not sure if I'm misunderstanding your question, but your ubuntu bash (top right window) should have access to your Windows-based disks under /mnt. For example, on my machine /mnt/c/Users/Scott/...
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VT-x is not available, but is enabled in BIOS

There are three common culprits for the type of error the user is seeing: VT-x is not enabled in the BIOS The CPU doesn't support VT-x Hyper-V virtualization is enabled in Windows Since the user ...
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How can I reduce the consumption of the `vmmem` process?

I edit the WSL config to limit the memory usage as mentioned here. # turn off all wsl instances such as docker-desktop wsl --shutdown notepad "$env:USERPROFILE/.wslconfig" Set the values ...
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How to prevent Windows 10 from automatically adding keyboard layouts (i.e. US keyboard)

To fix this issue, delete the Preload registry folder and sign out or restart the computer: HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Keyboard Layout\Preload This folder seems to be some legacy remnant that contains non-...
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Windows 10 - disable reopening programs after restart/startup

Good news! It has been somewhat "fixed." I was interested in clickbangdead's solution, but unfortunately I could not make it work no matter what I tried. Then I went back to the Microsoft ...
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Remote Desktop intermittently freezing

I also ran into this issue since July 2019 on a Windows 10 1903 acting as the client machine. The following workaround on the client works for me, so that RDP no longer freezes. Start an elevated ...
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Starting Outlook automatically in Windows 10

You should be able to add a shortcut to Outlook in the Startup folder. To open the Startup folder: Using the Run dialog: Bring up Run dialog Win+R Type shell:startup Copy the shortcut to Outlook to ...
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Diskpart - Can't delete a partition without the force protected parameter set

Is my disk locked in a permanent way? You need to add the override option: delete partition override override Enables DiskPart to delete any partition regardless of type. Normally, ...
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Windows 10 "Enable NTFS long paths policy" option missing

The value has moved from NTFS directly into Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Filesystem in the RTM version of the Version 1607.
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Has Windows 10 recently started defaulting to not asking before deleting files?

This is new behaviour, no? Well, it's new behaviour since Windows 8.0. I went through my collection of Mostly Legitimate Windows ISOs and installed all of them. The option to enable/disable ...
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Unable to Install ClickOnce Application due to Security Settings (Windows 10)

This is caused by the "ClickOnce Trust Prompt Behavior": To adjust this, simply change the values in the Registry and you should be able to ...
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Windows 10 Ubuntu Bash Shell: How Do I Mount Other Windows Drives?

Good news, it is now possible to mount USB media (including formatted as FAT) and network shares with drvfs on Windows 10: Mount removable media: (e.g. D:) $ sudo mkdir /mnt/d $ sudo mount -t drvfs ...
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What does CTRL+WIN+SHIFT+B do in Windows?

The Ctrl+Shift+Win+B key sequence will restart your graphics driver.
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Assigning a virtual desktop to a monitor in Windows 10

I may be late to the party, but there is a workaround that can get near what you want to do: Type Win + Tab to show up the Multiple Desktops panel also showing windows of the current desktop. Right ...
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Why can't VirtualBox or VMware run with Hyper-V enabled on Windows 10

VirtualBox and VMware Workstation (and VMware Player) are "level 2 hypervisors." Hyper-V and VMware ESXi are "level 1 hypervisors." The main difference is that a level 2 hypervisor is an application ...
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How can I SSH into "Bash on Ubuntu on Windows 10"?

I got it to work; here's how. Uninstalled ssh-server, reinstalled it and made sure it's started with sudo service ssh --full-restart Make sure you turned off root access and added another user in ...
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How to stop Skype from starting automatically when booting Windows 10?

Preventing the classic Skype application from starting With the classic Skype application window open, do the following: Navigate to Tools > Options. Highlight the General settings section on the ...
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