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How do I find the location of an executable in Windows?

cmd: where ping pwsh: Get-Command ping pwsh (also): gcm ping
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Windows 7 insists there is an extra language input

I ran into the same problem on Windows 11. Additional languages appeared in the taskbar's keyboard layout switcher, and they were not listed under the "Time & Language" settings. Editing ...
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"Sign in to Chrome" missing; No syncing options in chrome://settings; Chrome: 37.0.2062.102

I know this question is very old and already got an answer. However, many users may face this issue still in 2024 and may come here to find a solution. So I am sharing the latest way to fix the "...
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Windows 10 doesn't remember different RDP auth for different port numbers

Ran into the same issue. Best workaround I can come up with is to save the connection with just the login name and checking the "Always ask for credentials" box. CLARIFICATION: This will at ...
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How do I remove the same part of a file name for many files in Windows 7?

I did not have to mess with any code at all. ReNamer worked so effortlessly and smoothly, like magic. For example, I had to change hundreds of file names from: Vol 22 - 05-Nigel Olssen - Dancin' Shoes ...
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How to enable Hardware Encryption on Crucial MX500 SSD?

Crucial’s MX500 has an “always ready” approach to hardware encryption but to revert it the drive must not be online or have any active partitions. It cannot be your boot drive either. So to reset your ...
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How to list installed font families?

You can use the command "fc-list" (FontConfig) which is included in MikeTex (as an example). Just run the command as: fc-list Or if you want to pipe it to the clipboard (much faster) fc-...
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Turn off change file extension warning in Windows 7

I found the AutoHotkey based solutions to be slower than I'd like. I have a muscle-memory for pressing ENTER whenever I see that dialogue, and so having the dialogue visible for too long can lead me ...
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Why I'm unable to use up/down arrows in my BIOS?

I fixed this by removing wireless mouse usb-dongle. For some reason, it was preventing up and down arrow in bios + bootloader menus.
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How to permanantly disable CHKDSK

If it occurs during bootup you can use chkntfs /x u: with u being the USB drive letter / the drive you don't want to be checked. This also works through the registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\...
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Remove this bubble or pop-up window from my screen

You can restart the Desktop Window Manager by running this command as Admin: taskkill /f /im dwm.exe You can run it directly from the win+R Run Dialog (use ctrl+shift+enter for Admin mode). Or you ...
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How do I uninstall Avast Anti-Virus after accidentally deleting it from my CCleaner Uninstall Programs list?

If your Avast antivirus is removed from your device after deleting it from CCleaner, then try to install it first on your device. When you visit the official Avast website, you will see the option to ...
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What to do when you get "DiscardVirtualMemory could not be located" error once GitHub Desktop is installed

What you need to do is, uninstall the version of Github Desktop that is TOO NEW for Windows 7. Then install v3.2.4 To find the installer go to,
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How to change Google chrome windows order in the Windows task panel

What usually works for me is : Create a new chrome window. From the window, which you want to move, select all the tabs by holding Ctrl and selecting the tabs. Right Click >> Move tab to new ...
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Is it possible to get ONLY the Drive Label using WMIC?

As said by op @dbenham There are multiple ways to handle this: In command-line: for /f usebackq^tokens^=4delims^=^<^> %G in (`wmic volume where "Driveletter like '%C%'" get label /...
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How do I stop a Windows shortcut from updating its path?

I'm not sure if necroposting is looked down upon on SuperUser (my first time posting), but I can confirm that this works... If you're able to get Local Group Policy Editor (LGPE) working on Windows 11 ...
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How to be certain you don't have a virus when anti-virus scanners find nothing malicious? (Windows 7)

I personally dont use a live anti-virus. I keep a clean backup image and backup to a external regularly. Although if i were to experience a syatem that needed a deep clean, rootkits are the nemesis. ...
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Matching ID3 Tags to Existing Files

I managed to create an Automator workflow with the replica utility in kraymer's answer. You right click the file you want to use as a destination and it prompts you for a file to use as a source. ...
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