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Asus Xonar D1 looses sound on one of the channels

Quick fix, or let's say, the only real fix: install UNi Xonar UNi-Xonar-STXII-11.5-v1.80b-r3 with Windows rebooted and driver signature disabled. at instalation use Run driver cleaner + C-Media with ...
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Sudden increase in available hard drive space

Some of those Windows files of folders that "automatically" grow huge (C:\SystemVolumeInformation, C:\Recovery), sometimes they are also automatically cleaned. There is also Storage Sense, ...
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Disabled some Autorun-Programs now Windows start in startup repair

Yesterday evening I used Autoruns on my Windows XP to disable all the drivers highlighted yellow and marked File not found. This morning I came to work, turned on the PC, and got a BSOD with error ...
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how to move window across multiple screens with mouse without borders

Mouse without borders is used control multiple computers with the mouse and keyboard connected to one of those computers. also allows you to share clipboard and drag and drop files. But is different ...
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VPN issue: SSTP Service service started and then stopped

(I know it's resolved for you, but I just had the same issue so I'll leave this here for future visitors) For me, changing Routing and Remote Access service from disabled to manual AND going to ...
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How to add NVMe drivers to an SSD to a cloned Windows installation to use in new computer so the system can boot?

Same problem, had cloned a SSD to a NVME and could not for the life of me get it to boot to Windows 10. Tried all the answers above with no luck, it wanted the drivers from the Intel Rapid Storage ...
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Cannot see Win10 computer on network

I'm assuming the above steps have been taken. Personally, for my home network, I have mine set to Private network and Password protected sharing On. Make sure the Win 10 hard drive(s) or directories ...
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How do I change the default font of Sticky Notes?

I can't believe no one mentioned this, but Sticky Notes is written in JavaScript. You can hack the code whatever you want. Moreover, the fonts are adequately defined in the localization file. %...
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Windows 7 and international Dvorak keyboard layout with dead keys?

I have been using Dvorak Layout on MacOsx since 10 years, and I recently also have a PC on windows. I have manage to create a layout with dead keys using the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Editor. I have ...
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Imaged windows 7 won't boot

I was able to get it to work by running sysprep to OOBE, going through the OOBE and deleting the OOBE user. I was then able to re-image the source machine back to before I ran sysprep.
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Clicking Outlook link in taskbar opens new window

Another reason: Running Windows 11 and you have configured the taskbar to show task icons only for the screen on which it is visible ("When using multiple displays, show my taskbar app on: ...
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How to change Notepad ++ cursor

Quote: [04:50:48] I am so in love with npp. Settings -> Preferences -> Editing -> Carot Settings -> Width -> Block. Source: Muimi@libera
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How to save RDP credentials into a file?

For everyone asking the same question in the future. I created a .VBS file that enters the password for the RPD connection. It should work on Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 .... Dim objShell Set objShell = ...
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how can I configure emacs on Windows to associated with 'open with'?

As the above post is rather old and the given solution is said not to be working in emacswiki, I post the configuration that works for me: Create an environment variable ALTERNATE_EDITOR set to <...
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How do I swap the Windows and Control keys in Windows?

Use PowerToys from Microsoft, it makes remapping any keyboard keys for windows 11 easier.
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Give different file types different icons but have them open with the same program

download Types and then: search for the extension double click it uncheck "Class" check it again and write whatever you want there and hit plus go to actions, write whatever you want (...
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How do I force prompts to display on my primary monitor in Windows?

Late post but hope it helps somebody... I want my CMD windows to pop up on my secondary window (right) where also I dragged the TaskBar. Left is my Primary selected screen in Windows settings for ...
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Stitch multiple PDF's together

The Python command line program pdfly can do that: Installation: pip install pdfly and more Usage: pdfly cat in1.pdf in2.pdf -o out.pdf and more Please note that you need to have Python and the ...
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After a while downloading torrents my network card stops working properly

openwrt >> Network -> Wireless -> SSID Edit button -> Advanced Settings -> Disassociate On Low Acknowledgement -> uncheck --->>> Allow AP mode to disconnect STAs based ...
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When I try to delete file in my PC it gives the error "Item not found"

what worked for me was using rm -rf in git bash. download and install git bash (obviously!) open the containing folder in file explorer right click on empty space select "Open Git Bash Here"...
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How can I rename a USB sound device (headphone) in Windows Sound settings?

The trick is to remove not only the obvious audio device(s) but also the parent controller device in the Device Manager. It also helps to show hidden devices when doing this. Open Device Manager. ...
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Why can't a Task Scheduler job access a mapped network drive?

Just solved a similar problem after lots of hours or trial and error by setting "When running the task use the following user account" > press Change User or Group button > press ...
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Encrypt an external hard drive with read+write access on both Windows and Linux

2023 Answer Unfortunately, there is no cross-platform file system that supports encryption. There is VeraCrypt, which aims to facilitate encryption on the user-space level, but if you use it, you will ...
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Is it possible to determine which Windows program last modified a jpeg?

Last edited using .. If the editor decided to publish this info using EXIF like Paint.NET in this example: Tools like JPEGsnoop can try guess what camera or editor was used to create the file. Few ...
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Windows 7 Windows To Go drive will not boot, Windows logo with red bar at the top

Since your Windows 7 ISO works in a virtual machine but not on your computer, it might be that some of your modern hardware is not supported by any driver in the Windows 7 ISO. Getting a Windows 7 ...
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Windows: Launch menu entry/option of an app via a keyboard shortcut

My short (opinionated) answer: AHK. With Auto Hot Key you can create a keyboard shortcut to click a system tray icon and simulate keyboard / mouse navigation. You will need to learn the scripting ...
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"Unable to Display Current Owner" & Access Denied when trying to take ownership

Solution A: Powershell Open Powershell as Admin and run: Get-Acl "path\to\file" | Format-List Example command: Get-Acl "E:\System Volume Information\{3808876b-c176-4e48-b7ae-...
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VLC without border/window decoration in Windows

An old question! Works for me: Hit F11 in VLC, there is now a border that you can move. Hit F11 again if you wish.
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Laptop randomly freezes

"repeats the last sound it made with distortion" Classic symptom of two different things - overheat &/or under-power. You'll need to take it apart to clean it to prevent the overheat; ...
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Windows 7 - Remote Desktop - multiple credentials

@Patrick, thanks for your answer on how to use different credentials to logon to the same server. This is still a relevant issue in Win 10. I took your ../etc/hosts file suggestion and added names ...
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