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Disconnect from a network share

8 years later still same issues... "Klist purge" and restarting the explorer service did not work in a few cases I've tried. A reboot has worked for me on many occasions but restarting the ...
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My windows 8.1 can't upgrade to windows 10, the system requirements seem to screw me up hard

Windows 8.1 will for sure upgrade to Windows 10. I have a Lenovo X230 from 2013 that ran Windows 10 for years and then into Windows 11 Insider. It runs. Get the Dell Hardware Diagnostics Test App and ...
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How to get assigned IPs by hostednetwork?

The solution for me was to just make sure Internet Connection Sharing was turned on for the source connection. In Windows settings view the adapters under Network Connections. Go to the properties ...
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