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Why is folder efstmpwp located in C drive even when I am ciphering D drive in Window 8?

You need to put a colon after the D. So: Cipher /w:D:
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how to move offscreen (sub window/menu) back to screen

Use Alt + Tab to switch to the off-screen application. Press Alt + Space to bring up the system menu (you won't see it because it is off screen). Press R to select the Restore menu choice to ensure ...
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How do I grant myself permission to make symbolic links on Windows 8.1?

Based on Dmytro Bondarchuk's suggestion (indicated by Nikita Malyavin in this superuser answer), it appears we can use secedit with PowerShell native commands to add the symbolic links permissions to ...
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Google Chrome: How to select text with touchscreen?

On Linux, it seems Chrome can only see the touch events when using Wayland (under X11 it just sees touches as mouse clicks). To enable that, go to chrome://flags and change "Preferred Ozone ...
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Windows: how to install driver from recovery command prompt?

The Origin Problem I encountered an issue where I had a VM (W2k12) on Proxmox and needed more than one driver. However, I didn't know which driver was required, and pnputil was not available for ...
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What is the approximate installation size of a "clean" Windows 10 Upgrade, post install and cleanup?

Today (2023-05-24) fresh/clean install Win 10 Enterprise Version: 21H2 Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) [from 2021-11-16] as VM on Hyper-V Image ISO was: WIN_ENT_LTSC_2021_64BIT_English_MLF_X22-...
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Cannot boot after failed Fedora Dual Boot installation with existing Windows 8

Some conclusions from your description : Since your data was not erased, the disk was hopefully not converted to GPT Since an EFI partition didn't exist before, most likely the Windows 8 installation ...
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How do I have no default web browser, so the system asks what browser to use when I click on a link?

Recently Microsoft has developed an app for it, open Microsoft Store and find "Browser Selector". After installing and a few simple setup, it will solve your issue.
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"Cannot connect to the virtual machine." for new Hyper-V Virtual Machine

Stopping the Hyper-V service then starting it again fixed it for me.
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