Registry keys have a last-modified timestamp. You can use Regedit to export a key, selecting the ".txt" output format. That text file will contain the last modified date&time. NirSoft's RegScanner utility allows one to filter selected registry keys by ranges of the last-modified timestamp.


I have lots of NAME NOT FOUND as well and there is nothing wrong with my computer. It is not deemed to be a critical issue. Several answers below to that effect. No need to worry. https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/ie/en-US/a2c2fd4d-e653-4348-8e84-997994958dab/is-name-not-found-result-by-process-monitor-a-critical-issue?forum=smallbusinessserver


You can't. Old applications cannot be made high-dpi aware without any changes, because that needs the app to use the newer high-dpi APIs. Apps must declare themselves as high-dpi aware via a manifest file or some API calls, otherwise Windows will scale them bitmap-wise which makes them blurry. That's what the above registry key is about. The detail settings ...

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