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Running command with pipe and spaces on PowerShell using `wsl`

wsl find . -name '*.txt' | xargs grep 'main(' runs find . -name '*.txt' inside wsl then pipe the result to xargs in the current shell, which is outside wsl so obviously it can't be run if xargs is not ...
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How to fix WSL X11 Forwarding after Windows Update to 23H2

Option 1: Change $DISPLAY Use export DISPLAY=$(ip route list default | awk '{print $3}'):0 Now the $DISPLAY variable looks like this: $ echo $DISPLAY Option 2: Use WSLg WSL now has a ...
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Auto-generated zone-identity files - Can/should I delete?

To delete: sudo find . -name "*.Identifier" -type f -delete ---From Github--- Turning off "preserve zone information in file attachment" seems to have stopped the zone.Identifer ...
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