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Update-help fails to update two modules

The main issue (among others) is that MS refuses to fix the case dependence of the module directories. They are basically shipped with the wrong case of the directory names and you need to rename them ...
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Windows 11 Pro still on 22H2 while latest updates enabled

(If you are not receiving the Windows 23H2 update and are stuck on Windows 11 22H2) KB5027397: Feature update to Windows 11, version 23H2 enablement package Windows 11, versions 22H2 and 23H2 share a ...
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WindowsUpdateLog update-id based drivers unavailable from Microsoft Update Catalog

That driver shows up at, along with other AMD drivers: Or just enter the driver ID: https://www.catalog.update....
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'This PC is ready for Windows 11' but not getting the update

Yesterday I switched the bios switch setting on for AMD MB so it would be eligible to upgrade to win11. After that, the downloadable tool said your pc is ready for win11 but the windows update screen ...
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Windows 11 Update error: We couldn't connect to the update service

As another option, consider WSUS Offline,, which can be used to retrieve all the necessary updates and store them on a thumb drive or local HD. You may need to do the fetch ...
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Windows 11 Update error: We couldn't connect to the update service

So for a bit of context: When you update windows, you are connecting to a WSUS (Windows Server Update Service). It would be worth checking the configuration to see which WSUS server you connect to. ...
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