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How can I determine what process a window belongs to?

Another nitty tool (besides the aim in ProcessExplorer) is WinLister from Nimsoft: scoop install sysinternals scoop install WinLister I have a popup taking the space & not reacting clicks, so ...
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How can I stop my laptop display from flickering when I connect my TV?

I had a similar problem too when connecting my Alienware 17 laptop to a Onn Roku 4K 50" TV. I resolved this by setting the Refresh Rate on my laptop to 24.000, under "Advanced display ...
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How can I get VirtualBox to play nicely with dual monitors?

I had a way to workaround it (see my other answer) but I just discovered a better one (more direct). Set the VM in full-screen mode One of the monitors is not full-screen [ this is the problem ] ...
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How to make custom dictionary for password recovery

Maybe you want to try hashcat as described in Cracking a Keepass database.
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Single Monitor act exactly like dual monitor?

Now windows have native support & this github project does it neat. Using Deskreen this second screen can easily to viewed in any another nearby laptop
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