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For questions specific to Windows XP. Use [windows] instead for questions involving Windows in general.

Questions with this tag should refer specifically to versions of Windows XP. Anything related in general (non-version specific) to Windows OS should be tagged with .

Version Relation



Additional Info

  • The name "XP" is short for "eXPerience."
  • During development, the project was codenamed "Whistler", after Whistler, British Columbia, as many Microsoft employees skied at the Whistler-Blackcomb ski resort.
  • Three service packs were released for Windows XP, containing various bug fixes and the addition of certain features. Each service pack is a superset of all previous service packs and patches so that only the latest service pack needs to be installed, and also includes new revisions.

    Service Pack 1

    Service Pack 2

    Service Pack 3

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