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Windows XP equivalent of "tail -f"?

Workaround in case of cmd.exe: find /c /v "" your_file.txt - will count the number of lines in the file more +123456 your_file.txt - will display lines starting from the specified line ...
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Run software intended for Windows XP on Windows 10 - Software requires GPIB card

Since the software will not install / run in Windows 10 (not much XP software will), then your options are limited. XP will not run on a modern machine. Use a good Virtual Machine App (I use VMware), ...
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Sending files from Windows 10 to instrument running Windows XP

One option is to run an HTTP server on the Windows 10 computer. There are a lot of options that don't require admin privileges. You can even use the HTTP server built into LabView (If you want to get ...
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Why cant windows xp installer, either 32 or 64 but, detect my IDE drives. No SATA

The ASUS P5LD2 motherboard has an old RAID feature that does require drivers (for Windows XP) indeed: Those drivers AREN'T required for ...
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Why cant windows xp installer, either 32 or 64 but, detect my IDE drives. No SATA

The issue still comes back to drivers. Windows XP has a limited number of IDE drivers built-in. It would appear Windows XP doesn't have the drivers for your IDE controller chip. You need to download ...
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How to get rid of Adobe Update notifier

I just tried disabling it in Task Manager, but we'll see... There is a thread about this on the Adobe forums, and according to Adobe, "it's necessary" for it to run all the time, which as a ...
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