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That flash drive is dead. Bin it and buy a new one. Rufus FAQ has a long section titled "Help, Rufus damaged my flash drive!". If you don't want to read it in its entirety, here's a short excerpt: So, unless you have been running bad blocks checks for days, I have to be very categoric that your drive was not damaged by Rufus. Whatever damage you ...


First, get the Surface Book hardware diagnostic tools and run those to see if there is a hardware error. The message suggests there might be. If there are no hardware errors, then use the Microsoft USB to reload Windows. Good luck with this.


Since the autologin account is not a local admin, you are likely going to have to toggle off the ForceAutoLogon registry value and then logoff the account remotely. Once that option is disabled and the account is logged off, you will then be able to log in as usual via Remote Desktop Connection or at the console with the other account. Run this batch from a ...

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