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What exactly is MediaCreationTool doing when it's "Getting a few things ready"?

During the "getting things ready" phase, SetupHost.exe (which was extracted into C:\$Windows.~WS\Sources by the main Media Creation Tool program) is obtaining the list of downloadable ...
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Use ssh-keygen on windows machine and use it on linux machine

There's nothing wrong with your key; the error message is saying that you used the wrong quotes around UserKnownHostsFile – instead of regular " ASCII quotes, you have “ (and presumably ”) curly ...
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Configure internet sharing dynamically from windows 11 to Ubuntu 22.04 on VM Workstation

With the help of my colleagues in the comments, I realized that one of the things that was failing was the gateway... somehow, when it came to things, the system worked a couple of times, but after ...
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How to create an unattended Windows installation medium/iso/usb supporting Secure Boot and resulting in a UEFI-Windows installation?

For steps, skip to: Configuring a ZTI Prerequisite Information: I want to boot the Windows install medium and not have the installation process halted by questions I could answered in advance. This ...
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